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MIL's Purse
Designed by Bobbie Birchfield, September 2001
Copyright © September 2001 by Bobbie Birchfield
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It is approx. 10 inches wide and 7 ½ inches tall. The button is really much prettier than the picture shows it. It is plastic but it is kind of "diamond cut" and "beaded" and it resembles marsquite and quite showy. The black just does not photograph well. I found the button in ww clearance basket of buttons.

This pic shows up the reverse single crochet around the final edge. I thought it kind of set it off and added a nice finish.

Here is what I did to make the MIL Purse.

WORK with 2 STRANDS the entire time

With K hook ch 26

SC in 2nd chain from the hook and all the way across, go around the end by increasing 2 times and then work down the other side of the chain and increase two times on that end. Don't join but keep sc around and around working even till the piece measures about 7 inches high.

When you get to one of the sides ch 1 and turn, sc across to the other side to make the flap. *Then ch 1 and turn decrease once and sc across to the end and decrease once at the end.* Do this row 7 times. Then count your stitches and in the middle of the next row ch 2 and skip 2 to make your buttonhole (continue to decrease at the beginning and end of the row). SC across the next row doing a sc in each of the two chains from the previous row that made your and continue to decrease at each end.

When you are down to 4 or 5 stitches across the flap ch 1 and turn.....change to the "J" hook and reverse sc around the entire opening and flap of the purse (work this on the right side for it to show up pretty.) Finish off and sew on your button and weave in the ends and hope your MIL likes it....LOL

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