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Mad Money Holder
Designed by Bobbie Birchfield
Copyright © August 16, 2001
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Mad Money Purse


  • Size K hook
  • 2 strands small amount of ww yarn
  • button or velcro (skip the buttonhole if you use velcro)

Directions: Ch 10.

Sc in second ch from hook and all the way across to the end.

Increase one stitch in the end and go down the other side of the chain with sc and increase one stitch at the end of that side.

Then just single crochet around and around without joining until it is approx. 4 1/2 inches high.

When you reach one side ch one and turn and sc back across to make the flap. You should have about 12 stitches across the back for the flap.

Make the flap about 3 inches long. On the next row do sc in next 5 stitches and ch 2 and skip 2, then sc in the last 5 sc. This will make your buttonhole if you use a button. Do two more rows of sc, finish off and weave in ends.

Option for handle and key ring.

Before you start your flap, slip a key ring down over your hook and then ch. 25 and slip stitch it to the opposite side of the pouch, then proceed with your flap.

The handle and key ring can be tucked inside the pouch making it "convertible".

Pattern copyright © - 2001 by Bobbie Birchfield
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