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Online Administrative Assistance

           Who Use Virtual Assistance ?



Thank You For Visiting Your Business Assistant - Your Low Cost Online Administrative Assistant

"Your Online Business Solution"



 Are You Outsourcing?

Your Competitors Are!

          Using online Administrative Assistants is not a wave of the future. It's the here and now. With more and more small home based businesses being created every day the need for competent, inexpensive help is growing. While small businesses can certainly use the benefits of an online assistant, we are not limited to that area. Many large scale companies have begun to realize the flexibility of outsourcing.


Save Money Now


          Forget sick days, vacation days, holidays, taxes, etc. With Your Business Assistant you only pay for the work you need. There is no need to outfit a personal secretary with computers, printers, furniture, and all those other budget breaking items an in house assistant needs. Your Business Assistant already has all the hardware and software needed to meet your needs. With Your Business Assistant you can forget about hiring all those temps every time your secretary is on vacation as well.

          Whether you need full time Administrative Assistance or just supplemental help when the workload is high Your Business Assistant is the answer. Browse around and find out why more and more companies are understanding  the importance of outsourcing.







1. Presentations

  • Power Point Format

  • Charts

  • Graphs

  • Slide Shows

Pricing $15.00 per Hour


2. Spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Excel Format

  • Charts

  • Graphs

Pricing $15.00 per Hour


3. Typing/Editing

  • Letters

  • Mailings

  • School Applications

  • Reports

  • Manuscripts

  • Catalogs

  • Strategic Business Plans

  • Term Papers

  • Schedules/Rosters


  •   1-20 Pages $3.00

  • 21-40 Pages $2.50

  • 40 Pages or more $2.00

Editing Pricing (per Page)


  • $2.00 - Typed Page

  • $3.00 - Handwritten Page

4. Web Design  



 A. New Site Design


a) Complete Design of 

    New Site

b) Image Scanning &


c) Custom Graphics &



B.   Monthly Maintenance


a) All Additions &


b) New Products &



Design Pricing

  • Single Page Site with up to 3 images $75.00

  • Five Page Site with up to 10 images $200.00

  • Additional Pages $25.00

Maintenance Pricing

  • Single Updates $25.00 Per Page

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