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North Carolina Coaster Guide 02/07/04 

Coasters For Sale 09/23/01 

Coasters For Trade 09/02/02

 Vintage U.S. Coasters



    Hello, and thanks for visiting my small world in cyber space. As you can probably guess, my hobby is "tegestology" or collecting coasters. More specifically, I collect beer coasters from the United States. I've been collecting since 1996 ... a short timer for some of you. I also have a small collection of trays, labels and openers. I'm member # 7586 of the American Breweriana Association.

   I've created this site for three reasons. First ... I've always wanted to create one. Secondly ... I want to showcase some of my collection to the world.  But mostly , I hope to increase my own collection by meeting others who appreciate these disposable little pieces of advertising ... Coasters !   


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