Ron Fairley's Baseball Facts

Anyone who has watched Mariner games on TV knows all about Ron Fairley and his litany of baseball proverbs. I've put a few here for you to experience.

"Those lead off base on balls will come around to kill you"

"You gotta keep the ball down. You know why I say keep the ball down? Well, when was the last time you saw a 400 foot ground ball?"

"Its a trememdous advantage to be a switch hitter. You always have the ball breaking towards you."

"He's a first ball fastball hitter."

"The second and third time throught the lineup the pitcher has to make adjustments. The hitters are making adjustments so the pitchers have to make adjustments as well."

"That reminds me of when Don Drysdale...(insert favorite Drysdale story here)"

"He's due for a base hit."

"The Mariners are primarily a fastball hitting team"

"Edgar's bat will heat up with the weather."

"You be the judge. Did he go?"

"You have to make all the plays you need to make."

"There are good outs and there are bad outs."

"The big sluggers like the ball out over the plate. They like to extend their arms."

"If you don't have your A stuff, you have to go to your B or even your C stuff."

"The toughest play an outfielder has to make is on the ball hit directly at him."

"When you make a good defensive play, invariably you will end up leading off the next inning."