Akillers Cheater Page. Plz send all ur cheat picks to Ganador01@Yahoo.com

P.S. By the way i only put up picks people that matter, i dont put up every newbie becuase it takes too long to load that many picks.. im trying to make this as conveniant as possible for everyone with slow modems...ok..-akiller7k
Click on pick to enlarge
Hmm..this is not chachocha..this is a guy who hacked his name... well one of them...but its still a cheat pick lol
Oh look its mercedesl using umagons to stop a infantry rush!
Wow its l2bi of the clan famous trying to cheat me cause i told him i was rank 8000 and he thought i lied. he later found out that i wasnt lying and his clan got rank busted. lol
Heh.. here is someone whose impersonating ray using fiends... see this is what can get u in trouble... if i didnt tell u, u might actually think this was ray.. dont worry it wasnt!
Hmm.. this is the -*FF*- clan once agaisnt d/cing so they dont lose points...bah!
This is th clan europ* also doing gay d/c cheat so they dont lose points...bah@gay cheaters!
Though not a cheat, this is the only known pick of XtrmForce d/cing..lol
This is a pick of dakrwor1 admitting he cheats under alias playa4lif
This is a pick of playa4lif admitting once again that he is darkwor1 proving that playa4lif=darkwor1=cheater
This is a pick of g00djob using pigs agaisnt macdaman and saying hes going to cheat him
This is a pick of g00djob building pigs in his base
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