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Lesson Plan 1 (Week 1 Tuesday)


Students will demonstrate capacity to give and understand directions in French and start thinking about the Poetry Slam project.


Overhead projector; transparency with vocabulary related to directions; transparency with map of city blocks with landmarks; blank overhead transparencies; handout copies of map of city blocks with landmarks. Give website address of The HipHop Circuit for them to start research for Poetry Slam.


Because this involves directions with terms such as left and right, make sure transparencies have clear key with arrows for left and right for students who might have difficulty with this. Let students volunteer to come up to the front during activity.


  1. Anticipatory set: With overhead transparency, have students repeat out loud vocabulary related to directions such as left, right, forward, city block, etc. (3 minutes)

  2. Have students practice in groups of two giving each other directions with copies of maps (10 minutes)

  3. Divide class into two teams and have one person from one team come up to overhead projector teammates will be given a start and finish point and will have to take turns giving direction to their teammate up front; he/she will have to trace on blank transparency on top of map transparency the trajectory as directions are given. Alternate teams and choose different teammate to come up each turn, give teams different trajectories to describe each time to person up front (25 minutes)

  4. Talk about activities students will be doing for Poetry Slam and give them Hip Hop Circuit website address (8 minutes)

  5. Have students write in journal in form of giving directions (imperative tense) any given route they take on a daily basis (4 minutes)

Follow-up activity

Have students go to Paris-cartes and look up several point A to point B directions that I will give them (ex: 8 Rue du Bac, Paris, to 130 Blvd St-Germain, Paris), print these out and turn them in for next week.

Literacy aspect

Reading map; working with left and right; attention to and comprehension of directions; writing directions; giving directions orally; online map research.


The main activity might take longer and may need a point system for the competitive side of it. Also, teacher might have to do first round in order to break the ice if there are no volunteers.

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