When Biggie first came out Tupac thought he was a brilliant rapper and wanted him to be part of his group Thug Life. They made several songs together including, Runnin, House of Pain and Let's get it on. Tupac brought Biggie on stage when nobody knew who is was. Biggie left Tupac to sign with Puff Daddy and Stopped Saying Thug Life. Tupac said that he had 4 guns in his room, when Biggie heard the police were downstairs, they all ran leaving Tupac with 4 guns in his room with the cereal numbers scratched out. Tupac did not Snitch.
Tupac thought that Biggie was copying his style. Tupac said that Ready to Die came out and sounded like his album, so Tupac had to switch it. Tupac said everything Biggie was Talking about his lifestyle in Read to Die. Tupac was buying him the champaign. "Study how Party And Bullshit was me before I met Biggie. You don't hear my style in his raps. Study how after I met Biggie, Ready To Die comes out and his whole style changes" The 1994 Shooting of Tupac in New York Started the Beef. Tupac thought that Biggie did'nt warn him about the shooting. He said they knew about it but did not warn him. Tupac then went to Jail. He heard in jail what happened in the shooting. While Tupac was in jail Biggie became bigger. everybody was treating Biggie like the Biggest star in the world.
The song Holla at me on All eyez on me was about Biggie.

Tattoos on the front:
Top left: 2Pac Top Right: Queen Neferetete (A Egyptian Queen) with 2.DIE.4 below Middle: A machine Gun with "50 Niggaz" above Stomach: THUG LIFE
'Fuck the world' A big cross with "Exodus 18:11". A mask on the left is smiling saying underneath it "smile now". A mask on the right crying says "cry later". Under the cross it says Ballin
shoulder: Panther head, Jesus head on a burning cross, "Trust nobody", "Only god can judge me", "Outlaw" above a crown. Right:
"Westside", "heartless" above a skull a crossbones, Under skull and crossbones it says "my only fear of death is coming back reincarnated", "Notorious", "MOB".
The shooting occurred in 1994 at a times square recording studio. Tupac was robbed of thousands of dollars of jewellery ($40,000). Tupac claimed that Badboy had set him up. It started beef between Tupac and Badboy. On November 30th, 1994 at 12:20am, Tupac, Stretch of the Live Squad and Tupac`s manager Freddie Moore arrived at the recording studio. Tupac saw Little Caesar at the top of the building who shouted to Tupac. Tupac knew Biggie was there because he had seen little Caesar. After Tupac had entered a man at the desk got up and two men entered the building. They followed Tupac and his entourage to the elevator. Tupac thought they were security. The robbers wanted jewellery and told them to get on the floor. Tupac was annoyed and went for the gun. Tupac was shot 5 times and his manager shot once. Tupac was taken up the elevator where Puffy and Biggie were. Tupac said they acted as if they were surprised he was alive. Only little Shawn was upset. Stretch did not get shot despite him being bigger. Tupac said he got calls before the shooting asking him why he was late. The next day Tupac appeared at the sexual assault trial taken by bodyguards in a wheelchair. Tupac was later imprisoned to Rikers Island. Tupac said that in prison people told him Biggies boy did it. Later Tupac said that Badboy were responsible for the shooting. Tupac fell out with Stretch after because he became close to Badboy going to Biggies concerts. Stretch was murdered execution style in Jamaica one year to the day after the Tupac shooting. Reasons for the shooting Firstly Tupac thought he had been set up by the police because the same officers that testified against him in the sexual assault trial came to the scene of the shooting. Later Tupac changed his mind saying that Badboy set him up. It was rumoured that the Black Mafia financed Badboy, Trevor AKA King Tut said Tupac needed to be disciplined. The Black Mafia wanted Tupac to sign for Badboy but he refused. The Punishment was death for saying no. Tupac blamed Jacques Agnant AKA Haitian Jack for setting him up in the sexual assault trial. Tupac got the maximum penalty while Haitian Jack got 3 months suspended sentence. It was roumoured that Haitian Jack was a Federal informant.

Saturday 7th September 1996 8.00pm - Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight starts at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Tupac Shakur attended the fight 8.39pm - Mike Tyson knocked out Bruce Seldon 8.45pm - Tupac and Suge Knight are involved in a fight with a man in the Hotel . They leave the Hotel and go to Suges house. Later head for Suges club 662 11.10pm - The car Tupac and Suge are travelling in is stopped by police for not having numberplates. 11.15pm - On Flamingo road the car Tupac is travelling in is shot at by a man in a white cadillac. Tupac tried to get to the back of the car and was shot 4 times. Suge was shot in the back of his head. Suge turns round and tries to get to a hospital until an ambulance picks up him and Tupac, and takes them to the university medical center. Tupac had his first operation. Sunday 8th September 1996 11.00am - Suge Knight is released from the university medical center 6.20pm - Tupac had a second operation to repair bullet wound damage. Monday 9th September 1996 8.00pm - Metro police and about 20 friends of Tupac are involved in an altercation, no one was arrested Wednesday 11th September 1996 6.00pm - Suge Knight speaks to metro police for about an hour Friday 13th September 1996 4.03pm - Tupac Shakur died from bullet wounds.

Tupac Made 7 solo Albums
Tupac Made 7 movies
Tupac was shot on September 7th
Time of Tupacs death was 4:03PM (4+0+3=7)
Age when Tupac died was 25 (2+5=7)
There were 7 Outlaw Immortalz
Date of Birh is June 16th (1+6=7)
Tupac survived 7 days
Room number in "I wonder if heaven got a ghetto" video is 7 and time on clock is 4:03
Tupac was shot exactly 7 months after All eyez on me was released.
His last album "R U Still Down,Remember me" was released on the 25th (2+5=7)
In the movie, "Gridlock'd," when Tupac and Tim Roth are in the diner and they look up at the menu and all the L's are upside down 7's. Tupacs badge number in Gang Related is 115 (1+1+5=7)
On the song, "White Man's World," there is a voice in the background saying, " 7 years, 7 years, 7 years"
On the song "Bomb First" there is 6 shots then on the 7th Tupac starts to rap
Tupac's car was shot at 12 times, Tupac was shot 5 times. (12-5=7)