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Late news

Multi-platinum artist Christina Aguilera, known by the stage name "Hootchie", confessed yesterday to MTV News that she is the prankster behind the "Eminem is Dead" rumor which spread nationally this week.

Aguilera, who authorities believe was under the influence of peer pressure, was surfing the internet with a few of her close girlfriends by her side when one of them suggested that she start spreading the rumor. "I tried to resist the urge, but then I just lost control and the peer pressure made me do it." she confessed to Kurt Loder, of MTV News.

Christina's management has issued a press release with an apology to Eminem for the pain and confusion that this has caused his family and friends, as well as the many fans who were hurt by Christina's actions.

Authorities would not comment on details surrounding the incident other than to confirm that Aguilera would not be famous without large amounts of make-up and very strong sex appeal.

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