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the dubmartian swap meet

todays date

last updated January 1, 2003


Cypha 7-The Inner-G
DJ Drez-Downtown
DJ Drez-Twilight Dub Age
Elusive-Audio Dreamweavers Neo Elo Alpha Instrumentals
Elusive-Concepts of Sound (the prototype sessions)
Influenced by Intensity
LOWD-Calligraphy 12"
Of Mexican Descent Live CD 10/2002 (memo records)
OmiD-Distant Drummer Instrumental
Planet Asia-Still In Training
Shunami Productions-Alliance (nebulus, dor one, bicasso, shu, noah, micro, froggy, arata..ect)
Tommy V-4-Track Folklore
Zion I-Deep Water Slang

the rest...
108-Popular Demand
2Mex-B Boys in Occupied Mexico
2Mex & Awol-Flow and Tell Tour Live
2Mex-L.A. Like... 12"
2Mex-The Sweat
2Mex-Unreleased Hits
2Mex-Words. Knot Music
2Mex vs Jel-Diypartisan 10"
3MS-Dead Fan Humor
4th Demention-D-Day
45 King, The-Drop Da Bomb 12"
45 King, The-The 900 Number EP
45 King, The-The Lost Breakbeats Volume 1 And 2
4th Pyramind-Light Is But The Shade Of Darkness
5 Fulton Music-Ironic City Instrumentals
75 Degrees-The Rise and Fall of 75 Degrees
99th Demention-RSP Student
99th Demention-99th Demention

Abstract Art-Abstract Art 12"
Abstract Rude, Prevail & Moka Only-Cold Name Scorpion LP
Abstract Rude, Prevail & Moka Only Are-Codename Scorpion 12"
Abstract Rude-Stop Biting 12"
Abstract Rude and Tribe Unique-Heavyweights Round 4 12"
Abstract Rude and Tribe Unique-Makin' Tracks
Abstract Rude and Tribe Unique-P.A.I.N.T
Abstract Tribe Unique-Instrumentals
Abstract Tribe Unique-Mood Pieces
Abstract Tribe Unique-Thynk Taynk
Abstract Tribe Unique-Underground Fossils
Aceyalone-A Book Of Human Language
Aceyalone-All Balls Don't Bounce
Aceyalone-Faces 12"
Aceyalone-Mic Check 12"
Aceyalone-Microphones feat. P.E.A.C.E. 12"
Aceyalone-Perfect Romance 12"
Aceyalone-Project Blowed Recordings
Aceyalone-The Greatest Show On Earth Promo 12"
Aceyalone-The Greatest Show On Earth Remix 12"
Aceyalone & Elusive-The Bigger They Come 12"
Aesop Rock-Appleseed
Aesop Rock-Boombox 12"
Aesop Rock-Coma 12"
Aesop Rock-Daylight EP
Aesop Rock-Daylight LP
Aesop Rock-Float
Aesop Rock-Labor Day
Aesop Rock-Music For Earthworms
Acid Reign Ft. Neila-Missing Link
Acid Reign-Acidicompositions
Acid Reign-Acid Trip... A Journy To The
Acid Reign-Paradigm Shift
Addict Merchants-Matters of Fact
Adlib-Advanced Sound Unit
Adlib-Experienced Experiments
Adlib-Operating the Generator Vol. 2
Adlib-Save Us
Adlib-Tune In (cd-r rerelease)
Adlib-Vs (cd-r rerelease)
Afterlife Audio-Vol. 1 Mix Show
Afterlife Recordz-Declaration Of An Independent
Afterlife Recordz-Welcome To Tha Afterlife
Afterlife Split 12'' Vinyl-Busdriver and Legion
Afterlife Split 12'' Vinyl-C.V.E. and Tray Loc
Afterlife Split 12'' Vinyl-Hip Hop Kclan and Easty Boys
Afterlife Split 12'' Vinyl-O.M.D. and Cipher 7
Ahmad-Back In The Day 12"
Alchemist-EMC2 12"
Alchemist-Gangster Theme Music
Alchemist-The Chemistry Files: Action Drama 12"
Alchemist-The Chemistry Files Instrumentals
Alchemist-The Ultimate Music Machine
Alias-Bits & Pieces
Alias-Know The Names
Alias-The Other Side of the Looking Glass
Alias-Three Phase Irony Double EP
Alien Nation-Earth Defenders
Almyghty Myghty Pythons-Amp 12"
Alpha Project Vol. 1 Compilation
Anacron-A True Blue Beatnicc
Anacron-Be Boy EP
Anacron-Damn Foo EP
Anacron-Fruitopia (Chylot's Adventure)
Anacron-Nite Owl Vinyl EP
Anacron-One With The Elements
Anacron-Tight Jeans & Sneaks EP
Anacron-The Unheard (A Collection of Unreleased Bumps)
Anacron-Straight Bangin'
Anacron-Who's Who?
Anacron and Aocoa-The AA Meeting
Anacron and Krystal-Mental Graffiti
Anacron Irie and Astrobwoy Are Pairograffs-773121310 Los Angeles to Chicago
Analyst-Babylon 2000
Animal Pharm-Pharmaceuticals EP
Animal Pharm-The Brink EP
Animal Pharm-The Vaccine EP
Animal Pharm-You Will Lose 12"
Anomoly-Howles Book
Anonymis Presents West Coast KGB Compilation
Anti-Pop Recordings Presents Tri-Pinnacle-Diagonal Rhym Garganchula 2.0
Anti-Pop Consortium-Arrythmia
Anti-Pop Consortium-Shopping Carts Crashing
Anti-Pop Consortium-The Ends Against the Middle
Anti-Pop Consortium-Tragic Epilogue
Anti-Pop Consortium-Lift 12"
Anti-Pop Consortium & DJ Vadim-The Isolationists
Araknophobix-Lost Worlds
Araknophobix-Phantasmagoria EP
Arata-Champion of the 7 Seas
Arsonists-As the World Burns Instrumentals
Asheru & Blue Black-Soon Come
Asmar-Asmar Beats Vol. 1
Asmar-The Living Zombeats
Asop-A Glimpse Of The Future
Asop-As Good As It Gets
Asop-Area 51 Top Secret Rerelease
Asop-Black Libra
Asop-I Made This Vol. 1
Asop-In a Wolfs Clothing
Asop-The Multimedia Man
Asop-Tha Supahuman
Atban Klan-Grassroots
Atlas-Dusk EP
Atmosphere-Darling Lucy CD Single
Atmosphere-God Loves Ugly
Atmosphere-God Loves Ugly Promo
Atmosphere-Live in Asheville NC (Bootleg)
Atmoshpere-Lucy Ford EP
Atmosphere-Ford 1
Atmosphere-Ford 2
Atmosphere-Modern Mans Hustle 12"
Atmosphere-Sad Clown Bad Dub 1
Atmosphere-Sad Clown Bad Dub 2
Atmosphere-Sad Clown Bad Dub 3
Atoms Family-The Prequel
Audio Alchemy-Experiments in Beat Reconstruction
Aura-Dead Poets Society
Aura-Deep Evening
Aura-The hats we wear
Aura-Schoolfish (into the sea)
Autoflo-Make it Happen
Automator-Ready For My Close Up
Awol One-I Guess 12"
Awol One-NME 12"
Awol One-Flying Spiders 7"
Awol One-Rebirth
Awol One-Speakerface (meen street records release)
Awol One-Trilobites/Static 12"
Awol One & Daddy Kev-Number 3 on the Phone
Awol One & Daddy Kev-Rhythm 12"
Awol One & Daddy Kev-Souldoubt
Awol One & DJ ESP-Permanent Paradice 12"
Awol One & Fat Jack-Propaganda
Azatat-Corporate Chains
A-Team-Who Framed The A-team
A-Team-Who Framed The A-Team (CD Single)
A-Trak & D-Styles-Stylus Wars
A-Trak & Q-Bert-Bucktooth Wizards
A-Trak-Gangsta Breaks (Promo Vinyl)

Babalonyans, The (Sole & Pedestrian)-Red Dawn (A Bay Bridge Epic)
Babbletron-Ramble at A Discount
Babu & Iriscience-Pay Attention 12"
Babu & Rhettmatic-Wild Stylus
Bachelors, The (Z-Man & Vrse Murphy)-Wine, Women, and Song
Bahamadia-Kollage (Euro Retail)
Bahamadia-True Honey Buns (Promo 12")
Baracuda 72-Tetragammoth LP
Basbombing-Maximum Overlarge 12"
Basbombing-Microphone Champs 12"
Basik-Apex Predator
Basik-At The Mercy Of The City
Bas-1-For The Mentally Astute (Theory Of A Throw-up)
Bas-1 and Fanatik-Instant Rap Star (Split 12")
Bas-1-Toy Story 12"
Beatless feat. Madlib & Quasimoto-Dominant 12"
Beyond-I Cant Wait EP
Beyond-The E.P.
Black Eyed Peas-Lost Change (Promo)
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow Instrumental
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow PROMO
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow Sampler Mixed by J-Rocc
Blackalicious-Deception (Import CD Single)
Blackalicious-Live At 930Club (March 23 2002) DAT
Blackalicious-Live in Seattle
Blackalicious-Mahogany Sun (Promo 7")
Blackalicious-Make You Feel That Way 12"
Blackalicious (Ft. Rakaa and DJ Babu)-Passion 12"
Black Love-The Mixed Kids Album
Blak Forest-You Are Now Entering The
Bicasso-Cartoon World 3
Bicasso-Living Life Lookin Out
Bicasso-My Collection Of Tapes EP
Bicasso-SOUP Musik
Bicasso-The House Of Kolor
Bicasso-The Next 12"
Bicasso ft. Felonious-Live from the Last Day Saloon
Big Jus-Big Justoleum
Big Juss-Black Mamba Serum
Big Jus aka LUNE TNS-Plantation Rhymes 12"
Big L-Harlems Finest (A Freestyle History)
Big Shawn-Antifiction
Big Willie Smith (Kool Keith)-Da Beat Terrorists EP
Birdapres-Bird Reynolds
Birdapres-Collectors Item
Bizarro-Dirt Works Vinyl EP
BOAC-Modern Originalus
BOAC-19 Ninety Now Theme Transmission 12"
BOAC-Thought Bubbles
BOAC & Mohammed (Orange Flash)-Straight To Tape
Bomarr Monk, The-Beats Being Broke
Bomb Hip-Hop Presents The Real Deal Compilation
Boogie Down Productions-Criminal Minded Instrumentals
Boom Bip-Solid Steel Mix
Booty Brown-Dorothy 12"
Bored Stiff-Explainin' (Collectors Edition)
Bored Stiff-Ghetto Research
Bored Stiff-Timeless
Boredoms & DJ Krush-Rebore Vol. 3
Brainwash Projects-The Rise And Fall Of...
Breakestra-Deuces Up Double Down EP
Breakestra-The Live Mix Part 1
Breakestra-The Live Mix Part 2
Brother El-Through The Cracks Of Concrete
Brougham-Le Cock Sportif
Bullet Proof Skratch Hamsters-Hip Hop Slam With Billy Jam
Bullet Proof Space Travelers-Built To Last
Bullet Proof Space Travelers-Unda The Weather 12"
Busdriver-Get On The Bus 12"
Busdriver-Imaginary Places 12"
Busdriver-Memoirs Of The Elephant Man
Busdriver-Party Pooper 7"
Busdriver-Temporary Forever
Busdriver-This Machine Kills Fascists

Cali Agents-How The West Was Won
Camp Freestyle-A Supanatural Peace EP
Camp Freestyle-A Supanatural Peace CD
Cannibal Ox-The F Word 12"
Casual-Blind Date 12"
Casual-He think He Raw
Casual-I Didnt Mean To (Promo 12")
Cee-Lo-Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections
Celph Titled feat. The 45 King-Right Now 12"
Centa of Da Web-Beyond Human Comprehension EP
Centric I.E.-In Other Words
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf-My World Preimier 12"
Chef Salad and The Crewtones-Live at the 700 club
Children of the Fog-Don't Quit Your Day Job
Chill Rob G-Ride The Rhythm
Chino XL-I Told You So
Chino XL-Rise (Promo 12")
Circus-Bootlegs CD
Classified-Union Dues
Click Tha Supah-Latin-Square Won
Clokworx-Preservatives 12"
Cloudead-Peel Session 12"
Clouddead-The Sound of A Handshake: This About the City
Coldcut-More Beats and Pieces (CD Single)
Common-1-9-9-9 12"
Company Flow-Blind 12"
Company Flow-Funcrusher EP
Company Flow-Funcrusher Plus
Company Flow-Juvenile Technique 12"
Company Flow-Little Johnny from the Hospital
Constylations-Thought Crimes
Copywrite-Bargain Beats
Cosmic & Optimus Rhymes-Relative
Count Bass D-Dwight Spitz
Cuf, The-Cufilation
Cuf, The-Cufilation Plus
Cuf, The-Cuf Baby
Cuf, The-Cuf Daddy
Cuf, The-Federal Expressions
Cuf, The-I Love This Game
Cunninlynguists-Will Work for Food EP
Cut Cannibalz-Quiet Easy 3
Cut Chemist-Rare Equations
Cut Chemist-Sick Experiment
Cut Chemist-The Diabolical
Cut Chemist-Theories Not Yet Proven
Cut Chemist & Madlib-Bunkys Pick (CD Single)
Cut Chemist & Nu-Mark-Live At The Variety Arts Center '97
Cut Uncommon and DJ Creativity (Juice bw Awol & Jizzm) 12"
Cutmaster Swift-Battle Breaks Vol. 3
C.M.A.(The Grouch & PSC)-Overall
C.V.E.-Gotta Cumm Up 99
C.V.E.-Portrait Of A Serial Chiller
C.V.E.-The Come Up Continues (Instrumentals)
C.V.E.-Unreleased 99/2000
C.V.E & Legion-Kaos Cou De Tat
Cypha 7-Pages From Tha Book Of Life
C-Rayz Walz-Pots and Pans 12"
C-Rayz Walz-The Prelude

Daddy Kev-Lost Angels EP
Daddy Kev-Lost Angels EP Instrumentals
Dan The Automator-Wanna Buy A Monkey
Darkleaf-Eclectic Storm 12"
Darkleaf-Fuck The People
Darkleaf-Kimetic Princibles Part I
Darkleaf-Kimetic Principles Part II
Dave Dub-Kill the Idols Destroy the Lovers
Dave Dub the Baron-Upgraded Text 12"
Dave Dub & Persevere-Split 7 Inch
Da Grassroots-Passage Through Time
DC2-Definitive Breaks Vol 2
Deadly Scribes-Parts of Speech
Declaime-Exclaim The Name Promo 12"
Declaime-Illmindmuzik LP
Deejaybird-B-Boy Your Best
Deepspace 5-The Night We Called it a Day
Deeskee-Components Of A Perfect Suicide
Deeskee-In Loving Memory Of...
Deeskee-Lovingly Fragmented Memories of Deeskee
Def Harmonic-Travel Suggestions EP
Defari (Billy The Kid)-The Saloon Music
Defari-Focused Daily
Defari-LA Collection EP
Defari-Peoples Choice 12"
Defari-Smack Ya Face 12"
Defari Feat. Dilated Peoples-Behold My Life 12"
Definitive Jux II-Stepfather Factory 12"
Del the Funkee Homosapien-Catch A Bad One 12"
Del the Funkee Homosapien-Future Development
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here
Del the Funkee Homosapien-Live at the Higher Ground (nov. 1 2002)
Del the Funkee Homosapien-Live in Seattle 2002
Dept of Rec-And Welcome to Philadelphia
Dept of Rec-Raising Illatropolis EP
Dept of Rec & Kenneth Masters-Will We Ever Be Famous EP
Deuce Eclipse-Its The Hour
Dichotomy-Open Sessions
Dick Nasty & Neurotic Nate-Weird Science
Digital Underground-Future Rhythm
Digital Underground-Sex Packets
Digital Underground-The Lost Files
Digital Underground-Who Got the Gravy
Dilated Peoples-College Radio EP
Dilated Peoples-Live on Stage 12"
Dilated Peoples-Work the Angles EP
Dilated Peoples-Worst Comes to Worst 12"
Dimentions Music-Untitled-Promo
Dirt Works-Mind Sagas
Dirt Works-Arts and Craft
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-1984
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-Hot Season EP
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-Roadside Attractions
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-The Cliffs 7"
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-Where The Sidewalk Ends
Disflex.6 of Sunset Leagues-Untitled
Disturbors, The-Kefu Qan (Evil Days)
Diverse NRG-Network Sampler
Divine Styler feat. The Scheme Team-Word Power
Divine Styler-Word Power 2: Directrix
Divine Verbal Dialect-The Natural 12"
Djinji Brown-Sirround Sound
Djinji Brown-State of Stagnation
DJ Abilities-For Persons With DJ Abilities
DJ Arson-Flash Of Class
DJ Asmar-Asmar Beats Vol 2
DJ Babu-Comprehension
DJ Babu-Duck Season Volume 1
DJ Blowout-Verses Vs. Beats
DJ BMF-Phat-N-Jazzy Presents BMF Mix No. 9
DJ BMF-Rare Funk Mix
DJ Cheapshot-Dub Session Vol. 4
DJ Cheapshot-Low Blows & Sucker Punches
DJ Cue-Cues Hip Hop Shop Vol. 2
DJ Cue-Whos on First
DJ Curse (Beat Junkies)-Real Classic Material
DJ D-Workers Union
DJ Design-Sparkdala 12"
DJ Desue-Operation Left Coast
DJ Disk-Phonosycograph Disk
DJ Dranks-Greatest Malt Liquor Hits
DJ Drez-Classic Riddims Vol.1
DJ Drez-Classic Riddims Vol.2
DJ Drez-Cool World
DJ Drez-EZ Street
DJ Drez-Hip Hop Music...Say It Loud
DJ Drez-Midnight Circle: BBoy Music
DJ Eddie Def-Hemp Lords 1
DJ Eddie Def-Hemp Lords 2
DJ Eddie Def-Hemp Lords 3
DJ Eddie Def-Hemp Lords 4
DJ Eddie Def-Inner Scratch Demons
DJ Eddie Def-Stuff
DJ Eddie Def-Wax People
DJ Eddie Def and Marz-Sound Pollution
DJ Egadz-Monotony
DJ Exile (of Emanon)-Dawn's Second Coming
DJ e.s.e. & Hipsta-Embedded Studios Installment 8
DJ e.s.e. & Tes-Public Exposure
DJ ESP-Gathering of the Mind
DJ ESP-Variations on 519-16
DJ Faust-Fathomless-Vinyl EP
DJ Faust-Man or Myth
DJ Faust & DJ Shortee-Digital Soul
DJ Fisher-A Piece Of The Action
DJ Flare-The Defenders of Skratch City (Vinyl EP)
DJ Flare & D-Styles-Pharaohs of Funk
DJ Food-Jazz Brakes Volume 1
DJ Hi Tek-Beats and Grooves
DJ Kensei-Cuts of the Times 2.3
DJ Kensei DJ Quietstorm-In Time Like This(Live)
DJ King IXL-Been in it for A Minute
DJ Krush-Holonic: The Self Megamix
DJ Krush-Kakusei Instrumentals
DJ Krush-Milight
DJ Krush-Strictly Turntablized
DJ Krush-Tragicomic CD Single
DJ Krush-Tragicomic (Krush Self-Remix)
DJ Krush-Untitled 7th CD
DJ Maj-Full Plates
DJ Marz-Brain Language (CD Version)
DJ Marz-Newsletter
DJ Marz-Skrilla Skratch
DJ Marz-Worth the Illionaire
DJ Marz, Luke Sick, and Babafett-Crackrock
DJ Mayo-Not a Turntablist I Just Scratch Alot
DJ Moves-Presents...Hiss 2: Hissteria
DJ Murge Presents Search And Destroy
DJ MF Shalem-Get On It
DJ MF Shalem-Presents...Sex Sells
DJ O-Dub-A Groove Thing
DJ O-Dub-Incognitos
DJ O-Dub-Soul Symphony
DJ Premier-Unreleased Tracks Volume 4-Promo Vinyl
DJ P-Gangsta Mix Vol One Azzholez And Elbowz
DJ Quietstorm-Damare
DJ Q-Bert-A Preskool Breakmix (Japan Edition)
DJ Q-Bert-Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik
DJ Q-Bert-Style Warz
DJ Q-Bert-Superseal (Vinyl)
DJ Q-Bert-Wave Twisters
DJ Q-Bert-Y
DJ Rectangle-Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 5
DJ Revolution-In 12's We Trust
DJ Revolution-R2K Version 1.0
DJ Rhettmatic-the Wedding Mixer
DJ Rhettmatic-U Call Dis A Mixed Tape Piece of Shit Vol. 4
DJ Rob One-Jiggy Reggae Vol. 1
DJ Rob One-Megatrensetters (Who Does It Better?)
DJ Rob One-Presents: The Best of the Fly ID Show
DJ Rob One-West Koast Indie's Vol. 1
DJ Rob One-ShapeShifters 12"s Bootlegs & Mo'...
DJ Rob One-Travelling Through Sample Land
DJ Rob One & Phylo are Double Trouble-B-Boy Breaks Volume Uno
DJ Serg-Golden State of Mind
DJ Shadow-Dark Days CD Single
DJ Shadow-Electronica Hannukah 12-6-97
DJ Shadow-Live at La Luna
DJ Shadow-Live from Austin
DJ Shadow-Live on BBCs Breezeblock 12-05-2000
DJ Shadow-InFluxations 2CD
DJ Shadow-Midnight In A Perfect World CD Maxi Single
DJ Shadow-Space Lab Tokyo Mowax Release Party 2CD
DJ Shadow-Stem EP
DJ Shadow-The Private Press 2CD
DJ Shadow-You Cant Go Home Again 12"
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist-Product Placement
DJ Sichuan & Jeff Spec-The Thing With Two Heads
DJ Signify-Mixed Messages
DJ Signify-Signifyin Breaks (Reissue)
DJ Spair & DJ Icewater-The Spice Channel
DJ Tash-Wordplay
DJ Top Bill-Top Billion Dollar Breaks
DJ Vadim-Conquest of the Irrational EP
DJ Vadim-Headz Aint Ready EP
DJ Vadim-I Like My Radio Loud Mix
DJ White Lightning-Exposes White On White Crime
DJ Zeph-DJ Zeph
DJ Z-Trip-Bonnaroo
DJ Z-Trip-B-Boy Breaks V.3
DJ Z-Trip-Live at Thursday Liprock
DJ Z-Trip-Mixed, Scratched, Tweaked & Abused
DJ Z-Trip-on Grooveradio
DJ Z-Trip-on WFNX
DJ Z-Trip-Slow Motion
DJ Z-Trip-Urban Revolutions Megamix
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P-Groovetech Set (12-07-2000)
DJ Z-Trip & DJ P-Uneasy Listening Vol. 1
DJ Z-Trip & Space Travellers-Blackhole 12"
Dominant Mammals, The-Super Future Stars
Dose One-Subtitled
Dose One-Slow Death (The Permanent Cry)
Dose One & Why? are Greenthink-Blindfold
Double Life-Cycles Of The Mind 12"
Double Life-Revolutions 12"
Drunken Immortals-Drunken Poetry EP
Drunken Immortals-Face The Music
Dynamic Syncopation
Dr. Oop-The Hue-Man Theory
Dr. Oop of Black Love-Steady Bombing EP
Dr. Oop de Black Love-Subterrain Reign 12"
Droop Capone (dr. oop)-Mad Hueman Disease
Drum and Breaks Movement, The-The Instrumentals
D-Styles-Felonious Funk 12"
D-Styles-Return To Planetary Deterioration 12"
D-Styles Versus DJ Shadow (35min promo CD that came w/ "Private Press")
D-Tension-Presents Contacts and Contracts
DV Alias Khryce-Sic Sinphony bw Beat Biter 12"
DV One And Mr. Supreme-Future Shock

Earthlings, The-Dues Paid (Live CD)
Eekwol-Sound Sick EP
Elemental-Another Night in the Life of 12"
Elevated Elements-Progress
Eligh-A Story Of Two Worlds
Eligh-As They Pass
Eligh-Gandalf's Beat Machine Level 1
Eligh-Gandalf's Beat Machine Level 2
Eligh-Gas Dreams
Eligh-4 Tracks: LA & Back
Eligh-Nightlife EP 113 World U From?
Elusive-A Passage Between Dimensions
Elusive-An Archive of Beats 1999
Elusive-An Archive of Beats 2000 Volume 2
Elusive-Bringing The Heat
Elusive-Deceiving The Right Eye Of Confusion
Elusive-Decieving The Right Eye Vol.2
Elusive-Elements Of A Prototype
Elusive-Elements Of A Prototype Vol.2
Elusive-Prototype II
Elusive-Prototype Of A Protoplanet
Elusive-Six Degrees of Seperation
Elusive-Space Continuum
Elusive-The Blackhole Within
Elusive & Josh Koslow-Celestial Impressions
El-P-Fantastic Damage
El-P Presents-Cannibal OXtrumentals
El-P-Deep Space 9MM 12"
El-P-Truancy 7"
Emanon-Acid 9 EP
Emanon-Anon And On (Earplug Series No. 3)
Emanon-Anon And On Special Edition LP (LP with Instrumentals)
Emanon-Emcees Like Me 12"
Emanon-Imagine (Split 7")
Emanon-Imaginary Friends (CD Reissue)
Emanon-Move Step 12"
Emanon-Sometimes 12"
Emanon-Steps Through Time
Emanon & Dream Sequence-4 Track Files Vol. 1
Emanon-The Price 7"
Emanon-Unreleased EP
Emanon-What You Live For 12"
Encore-Self Preservation
Endlessness In Machinery (dave dub & tape master steph)-Industrial Death
English League-Mirror Heroes
Epedos-Drunken Disciple
Epedos-Stories from the Hole in My Head
Equipto-Vintage Vol. Won CD rerelease
Equipto-Vintage Vol. II LP
Equipto-It Hurts So Good-Vintage Vol. III
Escape Artists, The-The 3D Massacre
Esoin-Spiral Journey To The Sun
Esoin-Substance and Oblivia
Eternia-Its Gonna Be Cold (Promo)
Evidence-Searching for Bobby Fisher 12"
evs-Odds & Ends
evs-Shades of Grey
evs-Therapy...? "An Instrumental Mixtape"
Exlib-Pandoras Box
EX2-Contraband EP
EX2-LMNTL Work-Genesis EP
EX2-Undersounds of the 562
Eyedea and Abilities-Blindly Firing 12"
Eyedea and Abilities-First Born

Family Tree-Planting Seeds
Fantastic Planets-Fantastic Planets
Fat Jack-Beat Tape
Fat Jack-Cater To The DJ 2CD
Fat Jack-Cater To The DJ Instrumentals
Fat Jon As Maurice Galactica-Humanoid Erotica
Fanatik-Hella Emcees 12"
Fanatik-Nothin But A Beat Thang EP
Fanatik-The Beat Tape Instrumental CD
Fanatik Presents-Heavy Off The Ricter
Feline Science-Unda Ground Crewed
FHS (DJ Radar and Mr.Puma)-The Sectorize (CD Single)
Five Deez-Koolmotor
Five Deez-Koolmotor Instrumentals
Five Deez-Latitude 12"
Five Deez-Stupid 12"
Flynn Adam Atkins-Burnt Out
Foreign Legion-Happy Drunk 12"
Foreign Legion-Kidnapper's Van
Foreign Legion-Intangible Mcs 12"
Foreign Legion-Nowhere To Hide 12"
Forest Fires Collective, The-Self Titled
Forest Fires Collective, The-You Cant See...
Four Korners-Self Titled
Fourth World Occupants-Fresh Coast
Freestyle Fellowship-Hot Potato CD Single
Freestyle Fellowship-Innercity Griots
Freestyle Fellowship-Innercity Griots Instrumentals
Freestyle Fellowship-Temptations 12"
Freestyle Fellowship-Temptations LP
Freestyle Fellowship-Temptations Instrumentals
Freestyle Fellowship-Toe Jam EP
Freestyle Fellowship-To Whom It May Concern
Freestyle Fellowship-To Whom It May Concern 2.0
Freestyle Fellowship-Sex In The City 12"
Freestyle Fellowship-Shockadoom
Full Time Artists-New Master
Fundamentals-30 Daze And A Plane Ticket
Fundamentals-Stop The World
Fundamentals-The PatternFall Wars
Future Primitive Soundsessions Vol. 1-Cut Chemist & Shortcut
Future Primitive Soundsessions Vol. 2-Z-Trip & Radar
Future Shock-Remember the Future

Galapagos4 Compilation-Fuel (Limited Edition)
Game Tight-Electro
Ganja K-Dankstas Life
Ganja K-Harvest for the World (VERY Low Quality)
Genelec and Memphis Reigns-Scorpion Circles
Gershwin-Bass Line Xcursion-Sunch Punch
Gershwin-Vocabudrab Sessions '96-97
Ghostface Killah-Supreme Clientele Instrumentals
Gingerbread Man, The-Halloween (Advance Copy)
Gingerbread Man, The-The Candy House
Golden State-Bounce Rock Golden State 12"
Gonervill Presents The Freak Brothers
Good4Nuthin(Pete & N8 from the CUF)-Nothing 2 Lose LP
Good4Nothin-The Real Sacramento Kings 12"
Global Phlowtations-'98 Unheard CD
Global Phlowtations-Phlowtation Devices CD
Graffiti Kings Compilation
Grand Buffet-Sparkle Classic
Grand Buffet-Undercover Angels EP
Greenhouse Effect-Up To Speed
Grouch, The-Conception 12"
Grouch, The-Dont Talk To Me
Grouch, The-Fuck The Dumb
Grouch, The-Making Perfect Sense
Grouch, The-Nothing Changes
Grouch, The-Simple Man 12"
Grouch, The-Success Is Destiny
Grouch, The-They Don't Have This
Grouch, The-Wish You a Good Day 12"
Grouch, The & Eligh-The March EP
Grouch, The & Eligh-Vol. 1 & 2
Goods, The-Dream Sequence
Goods, The-The Goods

Haiku De Tat-Haiku De Tat
Haiku De Tat Rerelease
Haiku De Tat-Los Dangerous 12"
Heiruspecs-Small Steps
Herbaliser-Blow Your Headphones
Herbie Hancock-Flood (Vinyl)
Hiero VS Hobo Junction-KMEL Radio Battle 1995
Himself-Providence Plays No Favorites
Hip Club Groove-Land Of The Lost
Hip Hop Kclan-Kclandestine Kclassicz Vol. 1
Hip Hop Kclan-Thomakazee
Hobo Junction-Limited Edition '98
Hobo Junction-The Cleaners
House Of Reps-Hosted by Stretch Boogie Da Natural
Hypnotic the Native Sun-Internal Symmetry
H.C.P.-Im Not Only a Client...Im Also the Prez
H.S.D. (Meen Green & Marc the Murderah)-Lungs Like A Rasta (Vinyl EP)

I Ran Y-Diminished Fifth
I Ran Y-I Have No Legs EP
Icons-Afluenza 2002 Promo (3 tracks)
Icons-Capture The Flag
Icons-What Legends Are Made Of
Idiom Creek-Jet-Powered Monkey-Navigated
Ill Harmonics-Take Two
Illmatik Vibes-Red Eye Revelations
Illogic-Got Lyrics Vinyl Version
Illogic-Unforseen Shadows
Imani-Citizen Strange 12"
Imperator-Evolution Of Man
Infectious Organisms-Human Experience
Infamous MC, The-The Ex Files bw The Apocalypse 12"
Infinity Gauntlet-Audio Renaissance
Infinito-Year of the Rabbit LP
Infinity The Ghetto Child-Pain
Indelible Mc's-The Fire In Which You Burn 12"
Ink Operated-Ink Operated Presents
Inoe One-Da Governmentz Greatestz Hitz
Inoe One-Master Realm
Inverse (Dialekt and Tunji)-Inverse Theory EP
Ishkan-Bent Twisted And Gnarled
Ishkan and Sweet G-The Ripper Writs
Isosceles-Sign Language EP
IGF (Infinity Gauntlet)-The Underground Project
IQ-Pay Attention

Jedi Knights Circle-California
Jedi Knights Circle-Chaos
Jedi Knights Circle-Rip, Mix, Burn Vol. 1
Jedi Knights Circle-Sidewalk Astronomers
Jedi Knights Circle-Space Explorers
Jedi Mind Tricks-The Psycho-Social, Biological, and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness (Remastered CD)
Jeff Spec-Fort Knock
Jeff Spec-Rappetite
Jeff Spec-Thousand Sense
Jehst & J-Zone-Staircase II Stage (Promo 12")
Jel-10 Seconds
Jel-The Mics.Who Needs Em
Jel vs 2Mex-Diypartisan 10"
Jizzm-Dreamscape EP
Jizzm-Illasophic V.1.5
Jizzm-Show Respect Here
Jizzm-Trials and Tribulations Pt.II
Joe Dubs And Anonymous-Rossi Nights, Malibu Mornings
Joe Dubs And Anonymous-Unreleased
Joey Chavez-Music From The Connection
Joey Chavez-The Original Structure 12"
John Smith-Blunderbus (or in Transit)
Johnny 5-Dead Or Alive-Promo
Josh Martinez-Buck Up Princess Vol. 1
Josh Martinez-Buck Up Princess Vol. 2
Josh Martinez-Made in China
Josh Martinez-The Hooded Fang
Josh Martinez-the Stolen or Borrowed Instrumentals-Bootleg
Juggaknots-WKRP in NYC 12"
Jugga the Bully-Bully Izms EP
Jundax-Half Full Half Empty
Jurassic 5-Jurassick (Freestyles and Rareities)
Jurassic 5-Quality Control-Australian Tour Edition 2CD
Jurassic 5-The Influence-Promo 12"
Jurassic 5-Unified Rebelution 12"
Jurassic 5-Verbal Gunfight bw Rubber Tires (White Label 12")
Jurassic 5-W.O.E. Is Me-Promo 12"
Jus 1.0-Audio Aesthetics
J-Live-All Of The Above
J-Live-Can I Get It EP
J-Live-Longevity/Bragging Writes 12" (US)
J-Live-Longevity/Bragging Writes 12" (UK)
J-Live-Longevity(T V 1d Remix)/Bragging Writes 12"
J-Live-The Best Part (Re-Release)
J-Live-True School Revival
J Rawls-They Cant See Me (Promo 12")
J Rawls & J-Live-Great Live Caper 12"
J-Rocc-Live at the Sex Machine
J-Rocc and the Beat Junkies-Sex Machine
J-Smoke-Live at the BBQ
J-Zone-A Bottle of Whup Ass
J-Zone-Instrumentals Vol. 2
J-Zone-Live From Pimp Palace East 12"
J-Zone-Music for Tu Madre
J-Zone-Pimps Dont Pay Taxes
J-Zone-Q & A 12"

Kali Wild-Rythmatic Explosion 12"
Kankick-From Artz Unknown LP
Kankick-On The Lookout 12"
Kanser-Inner City Outer Space
Kaotic Souls: II Sense-When The Disease Becomes The Antidote
Kavet The Catalyst-Ddo Ot Eht Eye
Kermit-North State Smoke Breiks
Ken Sport-Original 35
Key Kool & Rhettmatic-Kozmonauts
Kid Koala-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Kid Koala-Emperors Main Course in Cantonese 10"
Kid Koala-Got What You Need EP
Kid Koala-Scratchappyland
Kirby Dominant-Rapitalism...The Philosophies of Dominant Pimpin'
King Koncepts-Project Ambershine
Konceptual Dominance-Savage Intelligence
Kool DJ EQ-Dirty Sounds Volume One
Kool DJ EQ-Words & Phrases 12"
Kool Keith-Sex Style Instrumentals
Kool Keith-Wanna Be a Star 12"
Kraken-Abstract & Cognac
Kraken-Dusty Subliminal Rhymes EP
Kubiq-Yeah 12"
Kyprios-Leaving Paradise For Purgatory
K-Otix Feat. Lone Catalysts-Ooh Ahh 12"
K-Salaam-The Hands of Time

Labtekwon Blaque Faxshun-Labteknology Vol 8-Justus on Da Horizon
Labtekwon CSD-Labteknology Vol 0-Balti-Moorish Science
Labtekwon the Brotherhood of Soul and CSD-Baby Pictures
Labtekwon-Day Jah Voodoo
Labtekwon-King of Kings-Nile Child Championship Edition
Labtekwon-Labteknology Vol. 1-The Futures Now Whats Next
Labtekwon-Labteknology Vol. 5-Da Dawn CD Reissue
Labtekwon-Labteknology Vol. 9-The Last Emcee CD Reissue
Labtekwon-Live From Hell-Rhythym and Pleasure
Labtekwon-The Ghetto Gospel CD Reissue
Labtekwon-Song Of The Sovereign
Lady Day (Neila) & The Pres (Jus 1.0)-Mystery Machine
Large Professor-Instrumentals
Last Kind-Revelations
Latyrx (Lateef and Lyrics Born)-The Album
Latyrx-The Muzappers Mixes
Lazerus Jackson-Crime
Lazerus Jackson-Sub-Track-Shun CD rerelease
LA Symphony-Baloney EP
LA Symphony-Big Broke LA 12"
LA Symphony-Broken Tape Decks 12"
LA Symphony-Call It What You Want Advance
LA Symphony-Composition No. 1
L.E.F.T. (new moon)-Rule By The People
Lexicon-Change The Times 12"
Lexicon-Come Up feat. 4zone b/w Nikehead 12"
Lexicon-Its the L
Lexicon-Makin Music 12"
Lifers Group and DJ Shadow-The Real Deal 12"
Liferexall-A New Life for Old Souls
Linguistic-Is this Really Happening
Lip Service-Fried Lip
Lip Service-Lip Service
Lip Service-Psychonaut
Live Human-Live (Limited Edition)
Living Legends-4 Track Avengers Vol. 1
Living Legends-4 Track Avengers Vol. 2
Living Legends-Angelz W.I.T. Dirty Faces
Living Legends-Gotta Question for Ya 12"
Living Legends-The Foxhole EP
Living Legends-The Undaworld-CD Reissue
Living Legends and Hieroglyphics-Live from Toronto
Living Legends, The Cuff & Kirby Dominant Live on KDVS 2-8-2001
Logan Projects (JD Walker)-Character Assassination
Logic-Slam Factor
Lone Catalysts-If Hip Hop Was A Crime Remix 12"
Lone Catalysts-The Lone Catalysts Files
Lootpack-Soundpieces: Da Antidote
Lootpack-Soundpieces: Da Antidote Instrumentals
Lootpack-Psyche Move EP
Lootpack-Weededed The Lost Mixes EP
Lootpack-Whenimondamic 12"
Looptroop-Live At Hultsfred Festival
Lord Finesse - From The Crates To The Files
Louis Logic-General Principle 12 inch
Louis Logic-Guilty as Charged 12"
Low Pressure-Sampler II
LMNO-Leave My Name Out
Luckyiam.psc-Extra Credit-Retail
L'Roneous And DJ Wisdom-The Directors Cuts EP

Madlib-Beat Conductor (Double 7 Inch)
Madlib-Blunted In The Bomb Shelter
Madlib-Invasion 7"
Madlib-Remixes EP
Madlib-Worldwide Mix (from Gilles Petersons Radio Show)
Maker Profaze, The-the Free Album
Maker Profaze, The-the Vanguard Returns
Maleko-Nocturnal Journals
Maleko-Thinking Outloud
Marginal Prophets-Twist the Nob
Mars Ill-Raw Material
Maseo-Words and Verbs 12"
Masterminds-Stone Planet 12"
Masterminds-Stone Soup
Masterminds-The Ante 12"
Masterminds-The Cold War EP
Masterminds-The Underground Railroad
Masterminds & Zion I-The Bizness (12" Test Press)
Masters of the Universe-Bak 2 Tha Future
Masters of the Universe-Microcrusifiction
Material Intonarumori-Material Intonarumori
McEnroe-Billy's Vision
McEnroe-The Convenience Vinyl EP
McEnroe-The Ethnics EP
Meaty Ogre-Meatys Adventures
Meen Green-Fat Sacks 12"
Meen Green-Government Issue
Meen Green-Smoking Section
Medusa-Do It The Way You Feel It EP
Medusa-Feline Science
Medusa-Live @ House of Blues
Megabusive-Cardinal Syntax-Introductory Function Blockage
Megabusive-Farewell to Analog
Megabusive-Searching for the Megalomistress
Megabusive-Social Norm (7 minutes)
Megabusive-Stealth Melters
Megabusive-Written By...
Mhz and El-P-Freestyle Session
Mic. T-Michael Wallstreet
Mic Black-Who 12"
Micranots-Freestyle Mixshow (2000)
Microdisiacs-Third Order Vol. 1 EP
Mikah 9-Timetable
Mikah 9-It's All Love
Mikah 9 Live at Rico's (Very Low Quality)
Mind Clouders, The-Fake It 'till You Make It
Mindbender-Fantasyland Before Time LP
Mindbender-In Another Universe EP
Mingfs-Hells Kitchen
Miss Ohio's Nameless
Mission-Home 12"
Mission-Testing EP
Mixmaster Mike-Spin Psycle
Mystic (feat. Talib Kweli)-The Life (Remix 12")
Moe's Strange Hobby (full time artists, sacred hoop)
Moka Only-Apenuts Beatbeni
Moka Only-Beauty Is A Free Road
Moka Only-Durable Mammal
Moka Only-Fall Collection 1997
Moka Only-Lime Green
Moka Only-Mokefluenza
Moka Only-Monsterpieces
Moka Only-Mr. Behaviour
Moka Only-Mt. Unpleasant
Moka Only-Road Life
Moka Only-Upcoast Relix
Moka Only & Deceo-Flowtorch
Moka Only & Jeff Spec (The Rappers)-Rappin Atchu
Moka Only Is...Ron Contour
Molemen-Chicago City Limits Vol. 1
Molemen-Instrumentals Vol. 7
Molemen-Instrumentals Vol. 10
Molemen-Put Your Quarter Up 12"
Molemen-Ritual of the Mole
Molemen & Mhz-70 Minute Cypher
Moonies, The-Dundee Orange Marmalade
Moonies, The-Lunar Landing
Moonrocks-Project Vol.1
Moonrocks & Indepth-Europa 2000
Moonshine-The Origin Of Species 12"
Mos Def And Talib Kweli-Reverb (Live) 10-24-01
Motion Man feat. Kutmasta Kurt-Loose Cannon 12"
Moves & Birdapres-Alleged Legends
Mountain Bros.-Self Vol.1
Mountain Bros.-Day Jobs 12"
Mr. Dibbs-Abduction of the Times 6.66
Mr. Dibbs-Random Vol. 1-Misc. Live
Mr. Len-Pity The Fool
Mr. Lif-Because They Made it That Way Promo 12"
Mr. Lif-Enters The Colossus EP
Mr. Lif-Live at the Middle East
Mr. No-No-In A Vest 12"
Mudkids-32 Until 12"
Mumbles-A Book Of Human Beats
Mums The Word-People Keep Movin'
Mums The Word-The People Mover
Murs-24 Hours With A G 12"
Murs-Back For No Reason
Murs-3:16 EP
Murs-Do More & Yeah
Murs-Good Music
Murs-Rules The World
Murs-They Dont Have This Either
Murs-Varsity Blues EP
Murs and Slug-Felt EP
Murs and DJ Z-Trip-Basementalism Freestyle
Musab (aka Beyond)-Respect Da Life
Mykill Miers-Raw Shit 12"
Mystik Journeymen-Children ov the Night (CD Reissue)
Mystik Journeymen-Walkman Invaders (CD Reissue)
Mystik Journeymen-4001 The Stolen Legacy
Mystik Journeymen-Black Sands Ov Eternia
Mystik Journeymen-Escape Forever EP
Mystik Journeymen-Firefly Remix, Break That Fear
Mystik Journeymen-Magic
Mystik Journeymen-Malapas Tears EP
Mystik Journeymen-Pressed for Time
Mystik Journeymen-World Wide Underground
Mystik Journeymen Living Legends-Live (BASJ5)
M-Boogie-Different By Design 12"
M.F. Doom-Dead Bent 12"
M.F. Doom-Operation Doomsday
M.F. Doom-I Hear Voices 12"
M.F. Doom-Metal Fingers Presents-Special Herbs Vol. One
M.F. Doom-Metal Fingers Presents-Special Herbs Vol. One & Two
M.F. Doom-Metal Fingers Presents-Special Herbs Vol. Three
MS Featuring Starang-Strike It Rich 12"

N8 da G8-N8 Got Beats CD
Nacrobats-The Network of Stars
Natural Fact-Organic Grooves
Nebulus-On The Ball
Nebulus-The Grungy EP
Neila-Altering Yo Fixed Reality
Neila-Ear Drum Mechanics
Neila-Gateless Gate
Neila-Searching For Prajna
Neila-Starting Early
New Flesh-Communicate (Ft. Gift of Gab) 12"
New Moon-Beyond Common Era
New Moon-Down II Earth
Nextmen, The-Amongst the Madness Instrumentals
Nextraterrestrials-The Coda Quota
Nga Fish-Da Upgrade
Nine Planets Hip Hop-The Land of the Lost
Noah 23-Crypto Sporidian 12"
Noah 23-Neophyte Phenotype
Noah 23-Quicksand
Nobody-Earthtones EP
Nobody vs Mumbles 12"
Non Prophets-All Word No Play 12"
Non Prophets-Drop Bass 12"
Non Phixion-The Future is Live
Non Phixion-The Future is Now Promo
Nonce, The-The Sight Of Things
Nonce, The-Turnin It Out/Greatest MCs CD Single
Nonce, The-World Ultimate
Northcoast Underground-Northcoast Underground
Northern Slump-Northern Slump
Nowfolk 2 (Moka Only & Ishkan)-The Moon

Oakland Faders-Flea Market Treats Vol. 2001
Obsure Disorder-2004 12"
Octavious-The Decent and Dessention EP
Octavious & 4 am-Electric Third Rail
OD/Nonce 7" (Omid bw Topology Crew)
OD-Afterwords 2
OD-Beneath The Surface (First Edition)
OD-Beneath The Surface Instrumentals
Odd Nosdam-Anticdotal Selfportrait
Odd Nosdam-Le Mix Tape
Odd Nosdam-Mo More Wig for Ohio
Odd Nosdam-My First Tape
Odd Nosdam-Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotis CD Reissue
Odd Nosdam-Reject CD Reissue
Odessa Kane-Masters of the Universe
Azrael-Azrael Promo
Azrael of Oldominion-Introduction to Silence
Rawchester AP(Oldominion)-Campus Earth
Oldominion-Book of Fury
Oldominion-Parallel to Hell 12"
Oldominion-Volume 1
Oldominion-Volume 2
Onry Ozzborn-Alone
Optimus Prime-Mind Over Madness
Optimus Rhymes-Metamorphosis
Optimus Rhymes-Revolutions 7"
Organic Mind Unit-Organic Mind Unit
Organic Mind Unit-Promo
Orko The Sycotik Alien-Avant garde Talk
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Crop Formations
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Doomsday Prophet
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Dreadlocks Incense And Oils
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Elohim Soundwave (Promo)
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Rulez Of Thumb
Orko Tha Sykotik Alien-Sykotik Alien
Orko The Sycotik Alien-Walkman Terrorist EP
Osiris Presents-Rountable Vs. Constructive Rukus
Ostrich Head-Tower of Babble
Otherwize-Disturbin the Peace
Overfiends-Motel California
Ozomatli-Embrace the Chaos
Ozomatli-Super Bowl Sunday 12"
Ozomatli-Vocal Artillery (Promo CD Single)
O.M.D.-Exitos Y Mas Exitos (Live Bonus Edition)

Pacifics, The-The September First Project: Long Overdue
Panda One-As To Qs 12"
Panda One-As To Qs Remix 12"
Panda One-The Essence 12"
Park Like Setting-School Day 2, Garbage Day 4
Park Like Setting & Fermented Reptile-Split EP
Passage-The B Side Suicide Pageant
Passage & The Bomarr Monk-Moods & Symptoms
PBS of Sunset Leagues-Upside Down
Peanut Butter Wolf-...Jukebox 45s
Peanut Butter Wolf-Lunar Props EP
Peanut Butter Wolf-My Vinyl Weighs A Ton
Peanut Butter Wolf-Run The Line 12"
Peanut Butter Wolf-Step On Our Egos EP
Peanut butter Wolf-Styles Crews Flows Beats EP
Peanut Butter Wolf-The Best Of...
Peanut Gallery Network-Chicago Chapter 1996
Peanuts and Corn-Factory Seconds
Peanuts and Corn-Spring 2001
People Under The Stairs-Acid Raindrops 12"
People Under The Stairs-Jappy Jap 12"
People Under The Stairs-Live in SF
People Under The Stairs-OST (Original Soundtrack)
People Under The Stairs-The Cat (CD Single)
People Under The Stairs-The Next Step
People Under The Stairs-The Trip 7"
People Under The Stairs-Question In The Form Of An Answer
People Under The Stairs-Question In The Form Of An Answer Instrumentals
Pep Love-Ascension
Pep Love-Ascension: Side C
Pep Love-Crooked Angles 12"
Pep Love-Fight Club 12"
Per Aa Ra-P(rays) The Sun
Perverted Monks-Get Up 12"
Pete Rock-Diggin On Blue CD
Pete Rock-Soul Brotha Beats
Pharcyde & Jurassic 5-Hard Times 12"
Phoenix Orion-Zimulated Experiencez
Phoenix Orion-3080 Flux
Pheonix Orion and Elusive-Neo Elo Alpha
Phoenix Orion and Team Eloheem-Music Is EP
Phoenix Orion and Team Eloheem-Secret Wars
Phylo-Phylonious Funk
Pigeon John from LA Symphony-Pigeon Confused
Pilot Rase-Paint
Pilot Rase-Threatening Myself (CD Version)
Pip Skid-Money Matters 7"
Planet Asia-Pure Coke 12"
Planet Asia and 427-The Concept Promo 12"
Prefuse 73-Radio Mix
Prefuse 73-Vocal Studies And Uprock Narratives
Prime-The Cleansing
Prismo-The Gamem 12"
Private School-Orientation EP
Project Blowed Compilation
Project Blowed Radio-Collard Greenz In My Lunchbox
Project Blowed and Company Flow-House Of Phat Beats Freestyle Show
Promoe-Government Music
Projecto 2501 EP
Proliteariots-Blue Collar Blues
Pseudo-Be Here Now
Push Button Objects-360 12"
Push Button Objects-360 Remixes
Pyro-Propaganda 12"
P.E.A.C.E.-A Wing Dinner EP
P.E.A.C.E.-Southern Fryd Chicken

Quannum Projects-Bombonyall EP
Quannum Projects-Spectrum
Quannum Projects-Spectrum Instrumentals
Quasimoto-Astronaut EP
Quasimoto-The Unseen
Quasimoto-The Unseen Instrumentals
Quasimoto-Basic Instinct 12"
Qwazaar-Walk Thru Walls
Qwel-Close But No Cigar
Q Continuum-Compilation
Q Continuum-Ricter

Radioinactive-Live In Toronto 06-11-02
Radioinactive-Pyramidi Japanese 2CD
Radioinactive-The Music Maxi Single
Radioinactive-Fo' Tractor
Raj (Administer)-Conscious Contemplation
Rajbot-Tablas of Malcontent EP
Rajbot-The Picnic
Randy-Left Overs
Rasco-Hostile Environment
Rasco-The Birth Instrumentals
Rasco-Time Waits For No Man
Reaching Quiet-In the Shadow of the Living Room LP
Rebels Of Rhythm-Homeless Superstar
Record Players (Full Time Artists)-Record Players
Record Players-Two Thousand and One
Recyclone-corroding the cellular shell
Recyclone-Dead World
Red Foo & Dk Kroon-Balance Beam
RedCloud-Is This Thing On?
Red Tide-Fabric Addicts
Red Tide-Rouge MC'S
Rek the Heavyweight Aka Spawn-the Present
Restiform Bodies-Oubliette
Restiform Bodies-Restiform Bodies
Restiform Bodies-Sun Hop Flat
Restitution, The-The Restitution
Rhymes Monumental-Target Earth
Rhymesayers Live (2+ Hours)
Rhyme Sayers-Kfai Radio Rhyme Sayers Freest
Rhymesayers-Freestyleathon-Kfai Fresh Air Radio P.2
Riddlore-Everything You Need To Know To Make It Big In Hip Hop
Rifleman-K.Clas-Sixx Vol.1
Rifleman-K.Clas-Sixx Vol.2
Rifleman-K.Clas-Sixx Vol.3
Ripshop-FM. Modes 12"
RJD2-Heres whats left VLS
RJD2-June 12"
RJD2-Rain 7"
RJD2-Poorboy Lover Megamix
Roc Raida-Juggle Fest
Roddy Rod-Emissions (Remastered)
Robert Jr. (From The C.U.F.)-Mob Hop Music
Robust-Freelance Gynecologist
Rockstar Industries-Rockstar Industries
Ron Nelson-B-Boy Destruction
Roundtable Mcs-Table Manners Limited Edition EP
Roundtable Mcs-Table Manners
Rusty Chains-Rusty Chains EP
Rusty Pelicans-Experimental Process
Rusty Pelicans-Out of Many

Saafir-Battle Drill (Promo 12")
Saafir-Demos EP
Saafir-Just Ridin 12"
Saafir-Light Sleeper 12"
Saafir-Unreleased Boxcar Sessions (Promo Only CD)
Saafir-Watch How Daddy Ball 12"
Sach-L.I.F.E. Gives 12"
Sach-Seven Days To Engineer
Sach-Suckas Hate Me
Sacred Hoop-Bring Me The Head Of Sexy Henrietta EP
Sacred Hoop-Retired EP
Sacred Hoop-Runny Poop Demo EP
Sacred Hoop-Last Days Of The Hump Hut EP
Sacred Hoop-Live and Drunk
Sacred Hoop-Martini Breaks
Sacred Hoop-Shes A Sacred Sacred Hoop 12"
Sacred Hoop-Sleepover
Sankofa-Billy Bossij Presents The Igloo Mixagain
Sankofa & Suspended Animators: SA 2
San Francisco Street Music-Instrumentals and Coincidentals
San Francisco Street Music-From Here To There
San Francisco Street Music-Still Defiant
San Francisco Street Music-Word Of Mouth
Santa Cruz Compilation
Sanuhtayshun Department-The Muzik EP
Scarub-Savvy Traveler 12"
Scarub-A Fact Of The Matter
Scarub-Answer 2wo The Meaning
Scarub-Answer 2wo The Meaning (Remastered CD)
Scoob Rock-Bootleg
Scram Jones-Bootleg
Scram Jones-Jackson Jacker 12"
Self Jupiter-Hard Hat Area Limited CD Version of Double Vinyl
Self Jupiter-Life Doesnt Get No Better Than This 12"
Self Jupiter-Mayday 12"
Senate St.-Senate St.
Shamen 12-12 Kommandments
Shamen 12-Master Piece Theater
ShapeShifters-Pot Full O Gold EP
Sharlock Poems from LA Symphony-Left
Shaya Beyonder-And Then Theres Life
Shiggar Fragger, The Show-1
Shiggar Fragger, The Show-2
Shiggar Fragger, The Show-3
Shiggar Fragger, The Show-4
Shiggar Fragger, The Show-5
Shiggar Fragger, The Show 2000
Shing02 and DJ Shin-Pearl Harbor- Japonica EP
Shing02 and TeracLPotta Troops-Homo Caeruleus Cerinus 2CD
Shrink One-the Beef Squasher EP
Sichuan-I Told You (CD Single)
Sixtoo-4 Elements EP
Sixtoo-The Secrets That Houses Keep
Skitzofreniks-On my own shit EP
Slant Eyes-Muff Diving Beats
Slaughter House V-Pentagon Destructo Factor EP
Sleepwalkers-Une Historie De Reve
Sleep of Oldiminion-Riot By Candlelight
Slim Kid Tre-The Legend of the Phoenix
Slug & El-P-Vapors Project
Slug Eyedea and DJ Abilities-Live @ Fat Beats in LA
Slumplordz Presents Tha Yakuza in...Dont Worry About The Kaliber
So-Called Artists-Side Show 12"
So Called Artists-Paint By Number Songs
Soulman-2001 Spaced Oddities
Soulman-Dig it
Soulman-More Funky 45s
Soulman-Off the Meatrack
Soulman-Soulman Plays the Hits
Soul Position (rjd2 & blueprint)-Unlimited EP
Souls Of Mischief-93 'Til Infinity Instrumentals
Souls Of Mischief-Soundscience 12"
Souls of Mischief-Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution
Skratch Paper of Sunset Leagues-Earth Forces
Sonic Imperial-Sounds of the Prophets
Sonic Sum-Plasterman
Space Invaders (DJ Cheepshot & DJ Jester)
Space Invaders-Bar Codes (not the same space invaders as above)
Space Travellers-Space Travelling 101
Spiritual Adventures-Spiritual Adventures
Spoon (of Iodine)-Anti-Christ 12"
Strange Travels-Unorthodox
Study Hall Presents Triangular Prism-Triangular Prism
Styles Of Beyond-2000 Fold
Styles Of Beyond and Emanon-Atomic Zen and The A List Split 12"
Styles Of Beyond-Subculture 12"
Style M.i.s.i.a.-Life: Ethics of Non-Fiction
Style M.i.s.i.a.-The Promise b/w The Awakening Cassette Single
Subcontents-Notes From The Cliff
Subcontents-Death Becomes H.E.R. 12"
Subdivision-The Appetizer EP
Submerged Mseas-Pretty Black Dots
Substance Abuse ft. P.E.A.C.E.-Can't Call It 12"
Subterraneanz-Subterranean Means
Subtitle-American Rock Scene
Subtitle-Analog Gut
Subtitle-Delete The Elete
Subtitle-How To Beat The Beat 01
Subtitle-How To Beat The Beat 02
Subtitle & Anonymous-Appropriately Complex
Subtitle & Megabusive-Live
Sunnmoonsekt-Adventures 12"
Sunnmoonsekt (Math Sound Workshop Release)
Sunset Leagues-Summer Demo
Sunset Leagues-The Guts 2
Sunset Leagues-The Vinyl 12"
Sunspot Jonz-Beatdie Delites
Sunspot Jonz-Child ov the Storm
Sunspot Jonz-Dirty Faces EP
Sunspot Jonz-Fallen Angels
Sunspot Jonz (BFAP)-March Ov The Bandit
Sunspot Jonz-Underground Legend
Sunspot Jonz-Unleashed (CD Single)
Supernatural-Another Lovesong 12"
Supernatural-Buddah Blessed It 12"
Supernatural-Natural Disasters
Superscientifiku-Aayeahwhatchasay EP
S.W.E.E.P.S., The-Bootleg Tracks From Junkeon
Swollen Members-Bad Dreams
Swollen Members-Balance
Swollen Members-Freak Fantastic 7"
Swollen Members-Full Contact 12"
Swollen Members-Monsters In The Closet
Swollen Members-Temptation 12"

Tate The Example-How The West Was Spun
Tee Double-Lost Scriptures
Telepathics-Cassette Sluts
Telephone Jim Jesus-Telephone Jim Jesus Beat CD
Tes One-Take Home Tes
The Architect Presents Most Wanted Compilation
The 5 Headed Retard-This is Awful...I Love it
The Bassment-The Lost Book
The Beat Junkies and Supernatural-Live @ Wordofmouth Tour
The Blastoff Compilation Volume 2-Live from the Launchpad
The Escape Artists-The 3D Massacre
The Expressionists-The Ear
The Funky Precedent-Styles of Beyond bw Ugly Duckling 12"
The Immortal Micunion-O.R.I.O.N.
The Infesticons-Hero Theme 12"
The Mystics-Remnants of A Lost Culture
The Planets Ft. Slug-Global (CD Single)
The Persuasion of Art
The Righteous Brothers Project-Eligh, Basik, Murs & Scarub
The Roots-Instrumental Album
Thesis Sahib-The Secret Adventures Of
Three Melancholy Gypsy's-Gypsy's Luck
Three Melancholy Gypsy's-Live In Tokyo
Three Melancholy Gypsy's-The Penguins
Tim Sears - One of Us (Pros)
Tim Sears-Ten Wheel Motion
Tom Slick-Magi Illuminated
Tommy Guerrero-Junk Collector (Promo CD Single)
Tommy V-A Boy and His 4Track
Tommy V-Bus & Food Money
Tommy V-Fresh Produce
Tommy V-Imprints-Crew Cuts Part 1
Tommy V-Imprints-Crew Cuts Part 2
Tommy V-Manual Labor Pains
Tommy V-Quarter-Life Crisis
Tommy V-Who Woulda Thunk?
Tommy V/Deeskee-Split 7"
Tony Da Skitzo-Split Decision EP (Bonus CD)
Tony Da Skitzo-Split Decision EP Wax No.2
Tony Da Skitzo-Storm Brewing 12"
Tony Da Skitzo-Who U Talkin 2 12"
Tony Touch-B-Boy Breaks Volume 2
Top Ramen & Nonphenom-Donut Hustler
Top Rawmen Crew Presents-Mike C
Triadd-Triadd EP
Triple Threat DJs: Apollo, Vin Roc, and Shortkut - Live At WMC 2001
Tunnel Rats, The-Tunnel Vision
Turntable Monkz Present-Meditation
Typical Cats-Typical Cats
T Love-Long Way Back 2002 Promo (5 tracks)
T-Love-Return Of The B-girl EP
T-Love-Witch-Bitch (The B-Girl Anthem) 12"

Ugly Duckling-A Little Samba-Promo 2x12"
Ugly Duckling-Eye On The Gold Chain (CD Maxi Single)
Ugly Duckling-Eye on the Gold Chain (Remixes)
Ugly Duckling-Fresh Mode EP
Ugly Duckling-Journey to Anywhere
Ultramagnetic MCs-Ego Trippin' 12"
Ultramagnetic MCs-Raise It Up (CD Single)
Ultramagnetic MCs-Traveling At The Speed Of Thought 12"
Ultramagnetic MCs-Funk Your Head Up
Ultramagnetic MCs-Mo Loves Basement Tapes
Ultramagnetic MCs-Poppa Large 12"
Underbucket (luke sick & ...)-File Under Turf Raps
Uno Mas and Cookbook from LA Symphony-Stereo Types
Urbanites-Pure Pressure
UHB3-Against All Odds Rerelease
UHB4-Stop And Retaliate
Us Pros-Blame it on Us

Various Blends-Levitude
Various Blends-More Chemicals
Various Blends-My Favorite Mistake 12"
Various Blends-To The Gut bw Even More Even 12"
Verbal Essence (Aura & Randy)-Make Believe
Very-The Coffee Shop
VinRoc-Audio Animation
VinRoc And Shortkut-So Much Soul
Virtuoso-All We Know 12"
Virtuoso-Incinerator 12"
Visionaries-Audible Angels 12"
Visionaries-Sophmore Jinx
Visionaries-Lif-Ted-Tek-Knowledge-G 7"
Voice Watson and Very-Firewater
Volume 10-Hip-Hoppera
Volume 10-Pistol Grip Pump 12"
Volume 10-Psycho
Vooodu-Dark Regions CD
Vooodu-Southern California Nites 12"
VA-20,000 Leagues Under The Street (Rasco presents)
VA-ABB Records-Always Bigger and Better Vol. 1
VA-Altered Beats-Assassin Knowledges of the Remanipulated
VA-Anticon 10th Anniversary Concert (5CD Bootleg)
VA-Battle Axe Warriors
VA-Battle Axe Warriors II
VA-Beyond Real Recordings-Limited Edition
VA-Big Talk
VA-Blackberry Music Compilations-Laid In Full
VA-Bombay 2 (Electric Vindaloo)
VA-Brainfreeze Breaks
VA-Brasco Presents Safehouse Session Chapter 1
VA-Camp Crypt-B-Sidez
VA-Celestial Squadron
VA-Coast II Coast
VA-Constant Elevation Compilation
VA-Below The Surface-Strictly Indee
VA-Def Jux Label Presents Definitive Jux II
VA-Elephant Tracks
VA-Full Length Funk-The 12 Collection and More
VA-Goodnight Musics
VA-Goodvibe Recordings 2001
VA-Hawaii Finest HipHop
VA-High Times Records Presents-THC-(The Hip Hop Collection) Vol.1
VA-Hip Hop Infinity Presents Fishin In Troubled Waters
VA-Hip Hop International Promo Edition
VA-Homesick-The Way We Were
VA-Ill Boogie Records 5
VA-Import Tuner Mag Presents-Required Audio
VA-J-Sun Presents Underground Classics
VA-Lovebomb Soundclash (joe dub, deeskee, topik, dave dub, alex75, rico)
VA-Low Pressue Presents Buck Up Princess
VA-Melo-D The A.M. Workshop Mixtape
VA-Mondrian Sounds Presents Angels And Insects
VA-Mush Filmstrip Frame 1
VA-Narcoleptic Symposium (Light Sleepers)
VA-Narcoleptic Symposium 1.5-Ana Loves Digi
VA-Persecution Of Hip Hop
VA-Phantatic Records Presents Silent Generals
VA-Portrait Of A Ghetto Raised
VA-Process of Elimination
VA-PRZM Presents. The Flim Flam
VA-Qube Presents Rubiks Qube 18
VA-Reserved Records Compilation
VA-Rhyming Under The Influence
VA-Rope Ladder 12 (Mush Records)
VA-Scratch Masters (Remastered)
VA-Soundbombing Vol. 1
VA-Soundbombing Vol. 2
VA-Soundbombing Vol. 3
VA-Subterraneous Presents-Waterworld Too
VA-Stones Throw Records-the Funky 16 Corners
VA-Styles Upon Styles Volume 2
VA-Suge White Presents Where My Dogs At
VA-Sweat Shop Union
VA-Tags Of The Times 2 12"
VA-Tags of the Times 3
VA-The Resistance Battle Axe Compilation
VA-Tales From The Hood-The Soundtrack
VA-The Highlife Movement-Estuary
VA-The Funk 45 Files Mixtape
VA-The Funky Precedent Volume 1
VA-The Funky Precedent Volume 2
VA-Time Travel The Vaults Vol. 1
VA-Time Travel The Vaults Vol. 2
VA-Turntables By The Bay Vol.1
VA-Unbound Project Vol. 1
VA-Underbomber Classics
VA-Urbnet.Com Hiphopmix Vol. 1
VA-We Came From Beyond
VA-Weight Watchers Volume 3
VA-Weightless Recordings B-Sides Volume One

Walkmen Feat. Celph Titled-F.L.A Team 12"
Wattson-Thought Liberation Movement
Weathermen bw Mr Lif & Murs 12"
We Stain Porcelain-Greatest Shits Sampler
Wee Bee Foolish-Brighton Beach Memoirs
Weekend Science Experiment-1B
Weekend Science Experiment-The Binary Theorem
Weight Watchers-Volume Whatever
West Kraven-Universe Horror Nite
Western Union-Off With Their Heads
Whoridas, The-Top Notch 12"
Why?-Part-Time People Cage or Part-Time Key
Why? & Odd Nosdam-Back Light District 12"
Writer's Block-En Route
Writer's Block-No More No Less 12"
Writer's Block-Poetry Explains 12"
Writer's Block-Singles 'n' Sideshows
Writers Guild EP
WD4D-Sounds Fresh Volume 1
WD4D-The Master Control Program

Xololanxinxo-A Tape From A Stolen Car (CD Version)
Xololanxinxo & Mascaria-Marketing The Monsters

Yaggfu Front-The Secret Files
Yesterdays New Quintet-Bomb Shelter EP
Yesterdays New Quintet-Fan Club 45 1 7"
Yesterdays New Quintet-Uno Esta (Promo EP)
Yogafrog-Warflex Level 1
Young Joseph-Average Joe 2000-Man or Myth
Young Joseph-Noise Pollution
Young Joseph-Summer Fling
Yusef Jackson-Hard Times EP

Zagu Brown-Above It All
Zagu Brown-Don't Believe It
Zest Da Smoka-3 Face Da Shape Shifta EP
Zes Nomis-250 Poetical Prophecies
Zez One-Discursive Grandiloquence
Zhaldee-25 Years in the Making
Zion I-Boom Bip 12"
Zion I-Chapter 4
Zion I-Critical 12"
Zion I-Deep Water Slang Sampler Mixed by Vinroc and Amp Live
Zion I-Inner Light 12"
Zion I-Mind Over Matter
Zion I-Mind Over Matter Instrumentals
Zion I-Starship
Z-Man-4 Hours Of Sleep