Women Singing: Ain't no one special, special like you (4X) I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby (4X) Verse 1: Eminem I'm reminiscing on your tenderness and the snuggling and teasing Missing what I remember, kissing and hugging and squeezing Bugging and weezing, I'm having trouble when breathing It's even tougher when sleeping But there's a couple of reasons that I'm suffering and grieving For loving and leaving, you all I'm thinking of in the evening You got my knees buckling and weakening Thoughts of nothing but freaking that I'm struggling to keep in And interrupt when I'm speaking I got some game that I'm preparing to run The way your lips sparkle and glare in the sun You got your hair in a bun, no matter what you're wearing you stun Cause your comparing to none, I wanna share in the fun I feel a passionate lust when I'm imagining just us alone at last with a touch I see you grasping to trust, but my intentions are good The seed is passing in dust I'm not asking to rush and answer immediately I just wanna be there for you and you to be there for me If you agree to repeat after me, I Love You (I love you baby) Cause I just need you to see, how much I'm eager to be Your man legally wed, your love's keeping me fed This is easily said, so you can lead or be led If you care to be down cause ain't nobody Like you no where to be found Chorus: Women Singing: I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby (4X) Verse 2: Denaun Porter Baby it's all on you, it's you I call on boo Let's set a day up so you can fall on through We'll take a spin in a Lexus you can chill for dinner and breakfast Long enough to see how this gentleman sex'es We'll start it out with caviar, Don Parigne And then when it's a fact we are warm, carry on We'll take it slow, see nobody will hurry things I got the herbs the Bacardi and Hurricane If Daiquiris are in debate and not your thing that day It's still all right cause I got Minute Maid and Tangeray Your an incredible one that's rare, in bed with edible underwear You look impeccable, nothing compares I dream of freaking you, the women that will speak it too so It seems that there is not an end to things that we can do so Now we all set to play, only thing left to say is When you step away, baby but don't forget the Neglicie Chorus: Women Singing: I been searching, but your the one I want in my life baby (8X) Ain't no one special, special like you (2X)
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