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~$@_ PeRsOnAl HeAvEn and InFeRnO _@$~

Name: aNgEl cLeMeNtE
Nick Name(s): DiAbLo, PuLgO, aNgELin, EssE
Country: Mexico and Canada
Age: 22 [05/11/1981]
Hobbies: dancing, acting, hanging out with friends, watching movies, drawing, night clubing and chatting... just being myself and enjoying being with others...
u know me ppl!!! hehehe
Music: R & B, Latin, Merengue, Rock, Alternative, ElectroClash and Banghra

LiFe's SoOooOoo WicKed!


My history is very complex in many ways... but in others I'm just a normal guy with dreams and desires. I was raised in Mexico City, where I lived for 18 years, until we decided to move to Canada. I've been living here in Vancouver for a few years now and I'm very happy because I got to meet some awesome friends and very interesting people. Those who know me in person identify me as being a very affectionate guy. Of course, they also remember me for my characteristic hugging and kissing... hehe, and that comes from my Latin-American roots. I am very proud of being a Latino, especially because nowadays the world admires the Latin-American cultures, mostly the mexican one. I am very open when it comes to meeting new people and starting new relationships/friendships. I like being social and I love to chat with others and to get to know them better. I started doing this webpage just after I moved to Canada as a school project, so if you have any suggestions feel free to send me an email or to sign the infernal book. If u really want to know the secret potion for putting me in action... you just need to mix two little spoons of music with a good beat and pour it in a dancing place... and in few minutes you'll see me dancing... If there's something that makes me happy in this world is listening to music and dancing (Rave!!). I like watching movies a lot, especially those related to mystical themes like witchcraft or haunted houses. Well, now that u know a little bit more about me, pls feel free to surf through my webpage and...

HOLD ON TIGHT... because the action has just begun...

"My AdooOooOorable Kitty *ShaNti*!"(2004)

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