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updated on 01/24/03

fake stunta sites out there get the dillz. we dont got time for this internet junk. hataz get the balls.

updated on 04/15/02

Producers we have paid big money to produce for us locally I told you suckaz, major moves. On a email/guestbook note. We delete all email and haven't read the guest book in about...uh a year suckaz. If you got something to tell us on the real tip suckaz, concert bookings, showz, comments, hit us up here. This is ONLY thing we can read because it gives us one big email of all the things said a day Email here and write us

updated on 03/07/02

Hataz sit online all dizay making cute little girlie pictures of us, adding pimples to my homeboy bladez face, and drawing little stupid things on our picture. But actually, me and blade is workin on a independent movie called lord of the blings, so we figured we would take da hataz picture he made of us, and use it. Thanks hata. Anyway, we aint found no server yet and I flunked my ged test againz, so I gotta go back in a few weeks to retry. I ain't tryna be stuck in the ghetto my whole life ya heard me? Ya heard? "Tired of waking up to gun shots, breaking up with young hearts, blazen up the dumb charts, staying up from sun ta dark, hataz is mad cause they papa ends where mine dun starts". Dat is off da new album which will more than likely get 5 mics in the source. Also, the source contacted us, we prolly gonna be unsigned hype in the future months, so keep ya heads up on that. Sorry to all da females dats been emailing me, can't get back at cha, cause I can only handle 17 girls at a time, and right now I'm at my limit. In 17 days, I will be ready to accept 17 more applications, and I am an equal opportunity typa stuna.... except if you ugly, stank, don't work, got no cash, live in da hood, and don't got back. Besides that, I accept all applications. Its all about givin eryone a fair chance, thats what a stunta stands for. We got back coo with da flame throwa again, so its all on. He decided to platinum plat his tennis rack for gizood and come back to the hizzood...so its all lovely. We gonna drop a independent movie of us in a few months, selling for 49.99. If you hataz want a copy, emailz us iite? When we get a server, we will update more than once every 2 months, but unlike you guys, we got lives.

updated on 01/30/02

Ah snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnap. Update coming soon. Here iz da newz fa now: Blade put twin greddy turbo's with 150 shot of NOS. He putting 24's on da clipse soon too. I been in da pin servin time on some crazy bid. I threw my lawyerz book at tha judge like 'throw the book at me sucka'. Chump judgez. Been in the pin tryin to get muy GED. Doin time, expandin da mind. Suckaz. Flame added a 600 shot profogger system to hiz firebird but we aint seen much of hiz speedin azz. He been straight razor, prolly playin tenniz or some sucka sport. We thinkin about givem da boot. So much been going of with us suckaz, you just don't even wanna know the drill. Check back and reckoneyez the real black whiteboys is back up in dis. We taken ova da 2002. First of all we looking for a free server with no POP UPS. We got heads trying to POP us, the ladies trying to get us to POP them, and now the net trying to POP UP. We bout to roll out on this server. Hit us up at stuntyagrowth@hotmail.com with links to a better server sucka. All the ladies, you can now send your undergarments again. We got our mailboxes in da microwave. Update soon suckkaz!.

updated on 10/28

We tired of wearing gas masks just to check the mail suckaz. I don't even feel like letting you hataz know the deally this week, because I am getting scared that some of you are the actual terrorist. Once again, we had to turn back over 20 boxes. Please don't send us nothing suckaz. Due to the fact Anthrax is a real threat on the Important people of U.S., we are at great risk. I hope our fans understand.

To all the people emailing us saying "Your are fake stop trying to make money off the net". You the biggest sucka of all. Our page is not eligible to make money because we are signed artists. We giving you chumps free singles at our website, and you lookin so deep into it like there is a conspiracy. You fo sho some real suckaz. Icy hot spits on you during live shows.

So what does yo sucka self want to peep?


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Old Updates

updated on 10/17

Sorry Ladies. As of today we are not opening any packages sent to us with your articles of underpants etc. We cannot tell the different from dust and crust on your undergarments. Due to the fact that both probably contain hazardous bacteria we are now sending back all packages addressed to us unless its my p.o. officer, my hitmen that mail me from all over the country, or our mothers. Thanks for your understanding.

updated on 9/24

It's been a while suckaz and suckettez, Da icy hot stuntaz is for da america. Be proud you have people like us in this great ghettoland. This is a list of things icy hot has contributed to America:

1. Blade tried to donate blood but they said the west nile disease made him uneligible. Freeze said needles is for herion addicts, so he wanted to give blood but didn't think it would look right on his image. Flame said needlez is only for tattooz, like his dope one on his arm. After we stayed at red cross for a few hours parlayin with the nurses and what not, they told us we had to leave. So you ask what we gave to the cause? Well, the nurses were in a good mood the rest of the day after getting a chance to meet us, and probably helped on the blood drive.

2. We decided not to join da military because they said freeze had low blood pressure, probably due to his cold heart, blade was to dangerous to be given a weapon legally, and flame had high blood pressure (sssssssssizzlin). We gave da recruiter a email list of hataz, to contact. List was over 5,000 long. That should help America, get rid of terrorist hataz, and american hataz all at once.

3. Blade called up during the Celebrity telethon, and tried to donate cambells soup. Rescuers gotta eat too. I offered dem foos to have us sing a song...

4. We are donating our 12" single to the military men heading overseas. Fo sheezy my neezy. They gonna be happy fo sho.

5. We are workin on a new song dedicated to da lost peoplez in da trade center. Its called..."We gonna get you suckaz" ..

updated on 9/15

The Icy hot stuntaz are thinking about going to the local recruiter to become one of America's 'few and proud'. With the 3 of us defending this nation, you guys are all in safe hands suckaz. We cannot have our fans living in fear, so we have decided to protect you. The hata terrorist won't know whats gonna hit them when I come through afganistan mock 3 style suckaz. I just want America to rest at ease knowing that the icy hot stunaz, yes...yours truly, will be keeping our country safe from all enemies.

updated on 9/03

Dear fans, hear it is...finally suckaz. A permanent URL. Next time we are hacked, we will just switch the site but keep this same url http://www.stuntaz.cjb.net. There is so many fake icy sites now, kinda funny. So many people say they hate us, but there is over 3000 icy sites with altered pictures or pretending they us. Suckaz. To the fans, here: http://www.stuntaz.cjb.net

updated on 8/30

http://www.stuntaz.cjb.net/ Ok, this is gettin stupid suckaz. First of all, we are real. That is the last time I will say that. Second of all, whoever is calling my house and saying he is 'ken kanif' from conneticut, is stupid. I don't think it was funny that you asked my mom if she ever thought about phone sex either. Are you suckaz that pathetic that you stalk a rap group you heard about on the net? Let me catch you off the phone. For the person that threw a vanilla ice cd at my house and hung a eminem doll from a tree in my front yard ... let me catch you. I got a deer stand across the street now sucka, be careful. I dare you to try that again chump. As far as our music go, we are still in talks with major distributors, and we are finishing up our southern tour. If people on the west and east coast want to book us, holla. To all the haters, eat one. Simple as that. Let me catch you stalking me in person...won't be no wal mart shopping cart on us this time. Believe that sucka.

updated on 8/21

Man suckaz, I been havin a real bad week. Tired of all this hate. We only operate this site for the fans, for the love of being the best rappers in the world, for the love of riding with dubs on a firebird that can easily burn mustangs, corvettes, camaros ...etc, for the love bling bling...ya that shiney stuff you don't got. Man, we just 1% of the population that can actually afford these luxuries, and we wanted to share the experience with the less fortunate. You suckaz don't appreciate the knowledge we bless you with, just wanna hate. To all the people saying our site is an instrumental album....what? We rap on the songs. Haten and not even listenin. Chumps. I would like to apologize now to anyone we offended. I am sorry to all the people that have paid over $1000 to tweek they stocked motors...and still lose to our firebird. Sorry. I am sorry to the rappers that aren't as great as us. Sorry. I I am sorry to all the internet nerds that buy real domains and get less hits than this geocities site. Sorry. I am sorry to all the boyfriends that were left with broken hearts after there girlfriends saw this site. Sorry. I am sorry to all the hackers that keep wasting there time, when we come back the next day. Sorry. The Icy Hot Stuntaz would like to say sorry to all the hataz. Sorry you hate us, cause you ain't us. AHAHAHA. Suckaz.

updated on 8/13

Music is back up, by popular demand suckaz. Our site was hacked again. Blah blah, same ol hataz spending hours to get rid of us. Funny thing is...what will you do when we are gone? Sucka. We are looking for a new host/server. Contact us.

updated on 8/04

Being that our music was downloaded so fast, and the whole world wanted it, we decided to take the music down. If you want more, you need to go cop the single. Icy had to cancel a show today because Blade got bit by a mosquito two days ago, and the doctors said he might have some sucka junk called nile river disease. Sorry Savanna, Ga. Blade says to tell his fans that there ain't nuttin worse than vomittin caviar and daun perioan. He gonna prolly pull through as long as his head dont swell up. Say ya prayerz fa em please. Oh snap, forgot to tell ya what blade said. Stop hatin, he aint got no type of pimplez suckaz. He said the lens had dust on it and he sometimes he attracts mosquitos dat be bitin, chumps. Prolly female mosquitos, cause not even insects is immune to the icy women magnets. All the girls be rubbin us up and down so stop sending us oxy pictures and soap. To all the people that write us more than once, delete delete. Do you think we actually read it? Hahaha. We only read fan mail, save da hate. Well, I'm about to go hit the studio to add finish touches to the songs we completed, and maybe blaze a little. To all the comments about our new art on our site that someone made to make fun of us....see how funny it was to us? Hell yea, if you make art that is cash money, we gonna use it. So you hataz keep makin covers and artwork for us. You can fantacize wit all da gay ones and send us all the playa ones. Suckaz.

updated on 8/01

Oh yeaaaaaaaaa. No more fake songs that stalkers on the net make, or songs we made 2 years ago. Live and direct, fresh out the studio icy hot gives its fans nothing but the best. This was before Freeze jaw was broke at wal mart. Cause right now he sound kinda funny. But he still got the skillz to pay the billz. No more 2 year old songs for our fans(or fake music made by hataz). here is da site for da music instrumentals from our new album .... Icy Hot Stunaz

updated on 7/27

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA. Our music is up, and speaks for itself. Notice how the guestbook hater free. Thats what I THOUGHT! Hataz aint got naythen to say now. Little net stalkers love us so much, they send us email and post hate messages all day. Suckaz need a life. To all the people sayin get a real domain...we tried. Someone bought all the wayz to do our name. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE US. EFF A DOMAIN. EFF THE INTERNET. ALL YOU NERDS THAT SIGN ON AND WORRY ABOUT A "DOMAIN" are just str8 dumb suckaz. Chumps. We can afford 2,000,000,000 domains if we actually gave a shit about pocket protector hataz. We got this site up for the fans, and they love our site and us. Period.

This is gonna make you internet geeks mad. Check our: Fan Mail Suckaz.

updated on 7/23

Had to change email address cause of hataz again. Have two emailz, one fo bizness and panty sender...the other for hataz. To much work just so you hataz can look stupid in email makin a foo of yaselvez suckaz.

Oh snaaaaap fizzlez! Guess who back in da hizzle fo shizzle my nizzlez. What da dizzle fo rizzle? Havin a good week suckaz. We got that distribution dizzle so pretty soon icy will be in every town! Your storez aint safe no more. Haha. Maybe we will make another mizzle or sizo. Hataz, jokes on you..why you work as a janitor at IBM we makin cash money talken about pimpin ya daughtaz. Hahahahaha. Time to go get a rim job from my hizzle fo shizzle.

updated on 7/11

Icy Hot Stuntaz are now in talks to distribute our album overseas. Now we will have chinese femalez sending us valentine cards. Freeze is ok, even though the hospital got pissed cause he got 1000's of flowerz and cardz. Anyway, we gotz to go spend some more thousands on makin ourselvez hot as hell for the ladies. This weekend we gonna be in Birmingham Alabama doing a show. Females in the front row, dont wear ya braz...cause we bringin da water bottlez. Hahah. Guest book suckaz, get a life. We livin it up, while you online worried about us. Hahah.

Our producers givin you suckaz music to roll too in ya volvoz, geoz and hyundaiz..haha. You all scared of these suckaz huh? For all the car junkiez that dont know shit about da game. Flamez firebird would shit on a viper, camaro, and ya volvoz suckaz. Trust us, we have raced and haven't lost yet. The movie 'fast and furious' is basically a documentary on flamez life. Its like they read his mind and made a movie bout it. They betta be lucky flame rich enough dat he aint gotta sue em for copyright infringementz. Don't get mad cause a firebird on dubz would dust ya rust bucketz. To all the people that keep saying "this is a joke man". Come to Toccoa, Ga. We as real as real get. We maintain this website for da fans. Guestbook has all da hataz, but believe 90% of the visitaz dont sign the guestbook. They the fanz. Puffy would have just as much hate in his mail box too suckaz. Hataz is what make da world go round.

updated on 7/03

Lets all say our prayers for Freeze. Yesterday we almost lost one of the best rappers of all time. Freeze is in the hospital after being critically beat down outside of Wal Mart around 10:45 pm. While he was unconscious someone slammed a shopping cart on him. Freeze was in critical condition but now he is stable. Ladies, if you want to send us a card or your panties, just email us for the hospital room number. Sometimes we miss living a normal life, no worries, no obcessed fans trying to kill you, no hataz. It would be nice to go to the store with out signing 100's of autographs, but this is the life we choose. You know?

To all the guestbook junkies, get a life suckaz. Why you so jealous we got millions of fans? Go listen to your wack eminem, and let the real white boys handle this iightz? Everyone say a prayer for freeze.

updated on 6/26

500,000 visits. Our website is official gold, with millions and millions of icy hot fans. I would like to thank god first, for blessing icy hot with the talent and love to get here. I'd also like to give a big shout out to my baby momma, Melissa aka 'da ho 9 yards'. I'd like to thank my momz for watchin my back when the pigs came to my house the otha night. Much love moms for not tellin them I was hidin unda tha bed. Coulda prolly been a major shoot out dat night. Icy hot as a group wants to thank our record label, manager and all our fans too.

Once again, If you think tha icy hot is a fake group, come to toccoa ga. We is as real as real get. To all the people saying our producers are wack, you are out ya minds. They sell beats for what most yall suckaz make in a whole week. Believe that.

updated on 6/18

Some shiznit for our fanz to bump all week. Fo shoo. As you can see, WE AIN'T NO JOKE. Datz right. Icey hot roll wit da best. Stop hatin in the guestbook cauze you lookz dumb as hell. We the greatest entertainers/musicians/rappers of all time. Once again, we aint no joke. We got real producers, and make real music suckaz.

No time fo ya suckaz this week. Florida show sold out both nightz, once again in a weekend we made enough to buy a car each, suckaz. We will be going to Chattanogga, Tn to perform this weekend. Every sucka in the guestbook has a big mouf...come to ONE of our showz and getted stunted. Simple as dat. Sucka. Stay online pencil pushaz.

updated on 6/13

WE just got back from Augusta GA!. Thanks to everyone that came to the show. We had over 2000 people in the club both nights. Pretty packed for a small city like that. To all the people that was throwin M&M's at us, next time come on stage sucka. And to the person that tried to hit me with the vanilla ice cd, come to PANAMA CITY and get ya growth stunted. WE gonna be in panama city FL this weekend. Club Lavista. We inviting everyone to come down and show us love. Foooooo shooooooo!!!

updated on 6/06

Simmy simmy summa yall. Oh snap. The summa is here and I bet all the femalez wanna cool down with some ICY hot stuntaz. We doin a show in Augusta, GA this weekend, then next weekend we rollin down to Panama City Beach Florida to perform at Club LaVista or something like that. Our manager bookin us for da whole summa, so make sure all you femalez come to da show with ya icy hot t-shirts, and we can get ya cute asses some backstage passes. Ahhhhh yeeeeea. Notice how all da femalez love us in the guestbook, and da guyz is hataz. Hahahahaha. Suckaz.

To all the people sayin we a joke, come to our city..to our show..come see us. Uh huh. We real, this site is real. Our site keep gettin hacked by hataz so we gotta stay on the move suckaz. Stop hatin.

updated on 6/03

Ahhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa. A lotz been happenin in the icy hot world and our loyal half a mil fanz will soon find out. All yall gonna piss ya pants when ya see icy hotz album in stores from here to japan. To all the people that keep sayin we wanna be black..you some racist suckaz. None of yall would say nuttin about blacks in public. You some closet racist. Scared to death to sign off and see us in real life. Jus cause me an my boyz wear shiney platinum that cost more than ya whole house, drive cars on dubz that would blow ya volvoz out the water, and get up in more girls than tampax...we wanna be black? Thats just stereotypical and racist yo. You cant act a color, you act a culture suckaz. Take ya simple minds to ya KKK meetingz with all that b.s. Plus flames great grandmomz is half black. Freeze and blade both gotz indian in them too. Ignorant fo0z. Why do white people smell like wet dogs and french fries? Hahah. Suckaz. Go play ya bingo with ya rebel flagz.

updated on 5/26

Da DEFFinition of a Stunta. Dis is fo all da white rockers, and old pencil pushaz dat aint got nuttin betta ta do than hate uz cause they aint uz. Keep thinkin they aint no ghettoz in Toccoa Georgia. Soon as we made our first 100 gz, we moved out our momz houze and straight to da ghettoz. Thats a stunta. We pull stuntz, cause you fake suckaz aint got no heart to try to live our livez. When ya girl or wivez pullin stuntz on my lap and I gotta hop out ya windowz cause you just came home from a long day workin at wal mart...me hopin out da window on the smooth escape tip is a stunt. Type of stunt not even evil canivel would pull off. Not cause the window dangerouz but ya wifez is ugly ass hell. Hahaha I just pulled a stunt on ya. If you dont like it, icy hot will STUNT ya growth. I bet you suckaz dont understuntaz. They is more dEFFinitionz to a stuntaz dough. For examplez, da normal stunaz will just leave you stunned, but icy hot leave you stunned with an extra T to grow on. A Casual TTTT. We stuna ya, then TTTTake ya TTTT-shirt of ya back. TTTTake ya girlz ass TTTTo TTTToccoa, just TTTTo cum on here TTTTaTTTTaz. Any questionz? Aint think so TTTTrick.

updated on 5/23

Oh snizap, ya favorite rappers is bizack, so shut ya trizap, befo we bust a cizap. Haha update for all the millions of fans. We about to drop the new single(guaranteed platinum, so it matchez da ice on our neckz) soon, and we gonna be goin on major tours. Sold out shows, all day. Our manager said we is hella blowin up all over the world now. Yea suckaz, almost half a million people have checked us out. Hataz, dont let us catch you fake suckaz on the street. Flame gonna run ya over with da firebird after I bust caps on ya. Dubz all ova ya face..

All you playa hataz coming back just to sign the guest book, get a life sucka. Everyone thinking we a joke and aint a real group, come to Toccoa, Georgia and get ya caps twisted. Suckaz and suckettez don't know nuttin about the dirty. We world wide. The ice on our necks is more than most of yall hataz houses. Chumpz that wish they was icy hot..keep drinkin ya hatorade.


Some fake sucka hacked our site. Jokes on you sucka. Look whos back. Anyway, icy hot still gonna drop da bombs soon. New music for you suckaz to drool ova.


Yea we up in the studio maken music suckaz. We got some news that people think we a joke. Trust us, we aint no joke suckaz. We will put any of yall fake fools 6 feet. Trust us. Oh yea, and flame got arrested for doing 110 in a school zone. Hahaha yea we get gaffled by pigs all day. He still in jail so we gonna bust him out soon.


We got pictures of flame on the tennis team sent to us email. Those pictures is bout 2 years old suckaz. He hella harder now, trust that. He on the straight hard core tip. Hataz spend all day lookin for childhood picz of icy hot. We famous, and they like enquire. Hahaha fo0z


Aight Aight, we been gettin some made HATA email these past few dayss. What up? Why yo all hatin us like we some sorta suckas? You guys are the suckas. also, WE DO ROLL ON DUBS, we have measured them

oh yea, one more thing 'fore we go out and spend some a could hundred grand, stop sendin in pics of us that have been altered, that is crazy messed up.


Ohhhhhh snap, looks like been gettin hundreds and thousans of fans and suckas alike peepin our page.


Man, we be gettin loads of hata mail. Why you fools gotta be hatin? oh well, guess you suckas just wish you could be like us.

oh, and what is wit all the suckas sending in message board urls? been getting a lot of game sites(WHACK), and others.

and YES, we do roll on dubs, trust us. anyway, we gotta get back to countin our millions and millions. late.


Boooyaa! this site been getting mad crazy fans visiting it left and right! just added a guestbook so you suckas best be hittin it up.

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Original Update

Ohhhhh shiiiiitt! Yo punk ass has just come to the hardest, phattest, and tightest group da world has eva seen. Icy Hot Stuntaz in the 2G+1. We aint like yo bakdoorboyz, yo nsucks, or yo britney smears. and if yo think we iz like yo puff mommy, yo snoop pupp, or yo DumMX you iz crazy wrong.

We are takin the hiphop scene to a whole new level. only rollin' in the phattest damn cars there iz on dubs, cuttin tracks that smash the charts and shit, and makin sure we have enough ice to make ya go blind.

If you came to our phat site to playa hate, then get the hell out. We aint needin ya, sucka!

So what does yo sucka self want to peep?


Our PHAT RIDES, all with dubs and crazy systems, click it.

Check out the ICS tour bus, on dubs of course, click it.

Here we iz talkin to some hoez or some foolz, click it.

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