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Re@LiTy iN tHe Re@L WoRLd
The reality of this world is the survival of the fittest. Many think that being the strongest physically can prove to be something in the world, Well it just depends on the situation. If not Physical strength then what does it take to survive? A right set of mental state. ( iF tHi$ iS BoRiNg yOu, tHeN dO sOmEtHiNg pRoDuCtiVe )Knowledge is power. In my world, I'm currently a student at Laney College, Majoring in Business, Single Azn Male, Struggling to get by, I didn't choose to go to school, to tell u the truth I have the knowledge to make thousands of dollars. ( Thinking to yourself: He must be lying, why don't he just make that money then? ) The reason is I'm going to school to get my credentials for the "Blue-Collared World" the world that only kepts you down at your goals, thousands of people as of now when i'm writing this and you reading this, all i'm speaking is my knowledge of this world and i want to share it with you. Back to the "Blue-Collared World" where you are employed or as I like to think of it as "Make your boss rich, while you get pennies compared to your employer" Thats the truth about the working world. Go to school, get a job, make someone else rich and staying where your at, until the grim reaper pays u a visit. ( I'm Still young, or not ) Time is Money, Time is something everyone would like more of, what's important to remember is to make the most out of the time you spend on doing something, that's the mentality u have to realize. Time never stops, before u kno it will be old, and look back on the days, months, years wasted. What i realized from my eyes and experience is that now these days the younger teens they are the more wanna be like the old people or they want to be kool. ( am i rite? ) "Truth": What kool is not whats on the outside, not what you can do, its what you know, "Fact": Oakland High on MacArthur Blvd, My High school Cla$$ of '01, more and more younger people drop-out becuz they don't like it or they too lazy or they rather have fun. I graduated, without walking the stage cuz I chose not to, but I still got my diploma, I had fun, I cut class more times then what i have gone. I didn't cheat or missed out on the fun. I had the right set of mind, I go to class when it is necessary, Like tests, turn in work, I had a set plan to get through high school in a breeze. My Message to all whom have or about to drop out of high school is don't, if your having fun now, there's a 50% chance you'll make it in this world, if your still in school and manage to get your diploma, there's a 75% of suceeding. When your young get through with your education, so the fun you'll be is when your an adult and have finacial freedom. I don't think any of you teens would like to be a 21-up college students. Make it so by the time your 21 you'll have a job or going for something positive.... to be continued ( BuD-TiMe! )

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