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 Network status: Ballin' Monday, March 26, 2001 

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Welcome to Hip Hop Ballers
  (March 25, 2001)

    Hey yo's! My bad, the site hasent been updated in forever because i forgot the passcode to this site and i couldnt add anything to it. well i figured out the password again and this site will be back up in no time, while your waiting for the new site to some up, DOWNLOAD FLASH PLAYER, because im gonna be using flash for the next interface. Look forward to the site coming up, i made this site as a newbie to flash and HTML, but i think ive gotton a lil bit better........hit me with yall comments yos-!.......im bouncing to th playground right now.---

Common questions & answers:
How long will the new up-date take?
 - At a minumium of 2 - 3 months to open the site, yet the site wont be finished, it will never finish because I will always add stuff to this site.
Why should I come here?
 - Hip Hop Ballers guarantees tottaly exclusive stuff that can only be found here.
I own a site, can give you my banner to put on yours?
 - We can handle putting your button or banner on our site but you must also add us to your links page, as we will do to you.

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