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Polished Chrome Key chain Cremation Urn

This offer is for a polished chrome key chain urn. Each urn is 1 3/4 inches tall and has a small vial to hold a small portion of your loved ones ashes. The urn smoothly unscrews to access the storage chamber where the vial with your love ones ashes go. A rubber o-ring is included to provide a waterproof seal. These urns are sturdy enough to carry everyday and fit nicely on any key ring. If you are viewing this item, odds are you have lost a loved one, my condolences. My wife too has lost someone very dear to her, her father. He was cremated and put into several urns for the family members. My heart went out to my wife as I saw her carry her small urn where ever she went. Thinking this wasn’t practical, I set out to fine a better way to carry her fathers ashes close to her. Thus coming up with this polished chrome key chain cremation urn. And now, in memory to Jack, I would like to share them with you. The total for one of these urns is only $15.00 with free shipping. (ORDER AS MANY AS YOU NEED) (All orders outside of the United States will be charged shipping) In the USA payment is, Money orders, Cashier's Checks, Pay Pal,and Cash. If you are sending payment by mail, please remember to send a copy of what it was you were buying and your return address and your e-mail address. Then send to: Alan Bennett P.O.Box 3614 Visalia, California 93278-3614
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