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Hello Friend, and Welcome! Healing, Spirit & Joy for Ourselves and Our World

We are people of all ways and faiths, creating community and Spirit by any name you call it.

We are engaged in uplifting the goodly, Godly spirit of our hearts that can connect us all together.

The inspiration for our groups began with the Baha'i teachings, which are focused in unity and the healing of Spirit, the oneness of all races, religions and ways.


We believe that all humanity is one family-- and that makes you and me family too!


If you have time for a personal sharing of hope and unity, here's a thought...

It is from Baha'u'llah, who has been the inspiration for our groups. Baha'is believe He is the amazing Prophet- Personage of age- old faith traditions, now come in this more modern age. Many believe in Him as the Promised Manifestation sent to heal our time.

Baha'u'llah heralded and taught for an age of peace, harmony and the renewal of a troubled world. He said that Unity is the greatest remedy and the mightiest tool to heal our world.

Baha'u'llah celebrated the oneness of all religions and wrote that...

"The doors of unity have been unlocked and flung open..."

At our Neighborhood Circles, we share readings like this of peace and spirit, together with music, refreshment and and social time.
All are welcome to bring their own readings of inspiration and hope or prayers for sharing. Together we can pray for our troubles, support each other, do good and care for our neighborhood.

United we Stand -- In Your Area

Groups for Unity and Spirit are now all over the world, supported through people of faith and goodwill. Join our Neighborhood Circles, devotionals, spiritual gatherings and groups for spiritual basics, personal and virtues development, youth groups, children's classes and more...

Our Facebook Pages are at:

Wailua Homesteads Groups Kapahi groups

Our Our Baha’i pages will soon include
a calendar of events and free email reminders if you want.

For more on our events island - wide call Kaua'i Baha'i Line 822- 3166
We can help you start your own neighborhood event or devotional or visit you in your home to share a prayer, spiritual reading, or more.
We also have classes for children in the virtues, and upcoming junior youth empowerment club.

Children, Youth & Parenting Classes may be in your area-- Ask us!.

Link here to our Top Page for Unity and Soul Healing, Spirit & Happiness ​ for Ourselves and Our World

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