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Tutu's Kokua-- Services

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         Happy Trees.......... Happy Gardens......... Happy Tutus...
            Happy YOU!   Home, Yard, Fruit- Picking, Donations & More

Services : Happy Tutu's Fruit Kokua Share 'n Care
   Do you wish to share your overflow of fruit of produce?
   We share Free Kokua for your Yard, Garden, Home 
     in exchange for fruit-- Helping feed Kaua'i's seniors too! 

         Your Fruit & Produce is used to feed people of Kaua'i,
    Personal use for seniors &/or shared with Food Bank /SNAP recipients, 
    and made as donations to local organizations.

    We can sometimes pay for Produce or provide Services or Barter. 
     Other free/ Bartered Services May Include...

       ___  Rake/ Clean all yard areas

      ____  Pick additional ripe fruit from tree(s) 

      ___ Garden/ Barter / Home / Office/ Property, Personal & Pet Care

  Times of Service can be Drop- in or Scheduled, avoiding  days     
       or times when you may wish not to be disturbed.
    References available upon request.
Happy Tutus clean your Fruit, Tree & Yard Rubbish-- Keeps away the Critters too!! We Kokua you & help feed Kaua’i Call Lucky Wells 822- 0333 text at 346-2460 Long- time Island resident-- References available upon request. Email Tutus at