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Sunday, 11 January 2009
REligion Rebels
Topic: Publications

Religion Rebel’s Healing Handbook

Sisters, Cousins, Brothers 

     The focus of  is care, concern and healing for the heart of the rebel, and for a world suffering the burden of spiritual lack, disunity and strife. Among its ultimate gifts are reunion and unity for ourselves and our world, succor for our woes, and, for those who wish it, a greater closeness with Spirit.


         The place of comfort is one of union; but the place of rebellion brings little peace. By definition, it “sets us against” something or someone. Anger, betrayal, and grief are in its unfolding; Sisters, Cousins, Brothers  gives them voice, unraveling their truth, bringing solace, awareness and logical answers. Rebelliousness may remain, and surely independence of spirit, but in a more flowing and forgiving heart.   

      Our world needs the thoughtful scrutiny of the rebellious, but it is home to the religionist as well. The estrangement between them is disconcerting and contradicts unity.  When any view becomes entrenched, it negates investigation and change.  To share a common ground of healing and re-connection for those of differing beliefs, of faith or no faith, is at the heart of this work, reflecting a refreshing glimpse into today’s challenges and future possibilities gleaned from spiritual sources.

       Saying “no” to rigid thinking, religiosity and divisiveness, Spirit’s rebel sees the unity of  a ‘Greater Reality’ and the faiths as intended reflecltions of that One Light, however distorted by time and men.  Sisters, Cousins, Brothers  aka a Religion Rebels Healing Handbook  reinforces a transcendent view of faith, religion, and the search of the heart, opening dialogue and bringing forth concerns in the life of our planet. It shares solutions for hope and the spiritualization of humanity, whose oneness is seen as a foremost, necessary principle for the continuance of our kind. 

       The uniqueness of this investigation stems , in part, from its sources. Though little is made of it, many of its understandings and logically derived elements were born in the little known, highly progressive writings of the Baha’i Faith, one of the world’s newest independent and fastest-growing religions. Validating and vitalizing these pages, these teachings hold the key to the root of religion’s waywardness and evolution from “old guard” faiths to new and healing pathways. For the purposes of this book, the author admits a natural reticence to draw from any faith whatsoever, yet their undeniable source, compelling logic and sustenance has prompted inclusion of selected quotations of the Baha’i scriptures, which intermingle with those of other pathways, bringing new awakenings and eye– popping sensibility to long– standing concerns of confusion.  

     All revelation, religious or secular,” the author asserts, “is the property and rightful domain of all who wish to partake, both declared follower and rebel alike.” A generous, kindly tongue, sensitively wielded, beautifies and invites us to Sprit’s union; excerpts chosen for the rebel’s heart enable the transformational power of  a Greater Heart to bloom more sweetly from this life-giving soil.



Authors notes… Regarding Baha’i inspiration:

     An outstanding source of spiritual and practical understanding, dubbed “the spirit of the age”, the Baha’i view supports modern principles for the healing of  humanity, holding its oneness as a foremost principle for the continuance of our kind, charging those who choose a faith to cleave to one which is harmonious with all religions. The “fundamental purpose is unity and the establishment of Peace”; the Faith upholds independent investigation of truth and an absolute prohibition against violence. The clarity and transcendence of the quoted “writings of Spirit” lend credence, grace and refreshment to the themes of this work.





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