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Water is Life!

Happy Water & Health Blog


Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate, Master Coach

… Right living can add ten, twenty or more years to your life.
Imagine the peace of many productive, happy, loving, disease- free years ahead.

Physiology Consultant, energy and weight - loss trainer Lucky Wells offers
little known, highly effective approaches * for health and weight correction and motivation.

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!

FREE initial consult-- Call for a fuller explanation of the logic of our re- education
and to clarify your choices for superlative health and energy.

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are here-- Newest courses, other info and updates--

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Programs for Weight and Health

Mother Nature accepts no substitutes for the truth in wellness—and that, unfortunately, is very hard to find!

This page contains a sampling of programs.
Your own program will be individually crafted to your needs.

Nature's instructor Programs / Enroll Now

Weight and Wellness Boost

You may want to start simple with Lucky's 14- day Nature's Weight- Loss / Health Boost Plan used successfully by hundreds over a 25 year period-- or choose from other plans as adapted to your need. Moderation to avoid the “yo- yo diet syndrome” teams up with powerful methods from Lucky’s individual coaching arsenal to help you develop healthy food- related behaviors and deal with pitfalls and challenges.

With Lucky as coach and educator, your plan for weight loss will be individually tailored for your own needs. We can also help you with your healthy choice of commercially offered or online weight- loss programs to help keep you in the wellness game, focused on making choices that promote optimal health and follow up help in assuring ongoing weight maintenance.

Our programs help you identify problem food behaviors, attitudes and saboteurs and beat them with mind- body tools and other helpful measures to keep you motivated in your health and weight goals. Enroll Now

“The Real Thing”-- Re-education for True Wellness!

Learn and master the keys to Health Independence,
truly freed from the insanity of medically curing symptoms while endangering your health even further!

"Life Energizer" Program Basics, Level I
helps you integrate health- building practices, self-care and balance in your life. Everyone can make some small or even bigger changes more more easily with support. Add to that our vital information, and you are on your way! You will begin to see results steadily and quickly for heightened energy, health and weight fitness.

Your course of study and practice is individualized for you and may include:

-- The Wisdom of the Body; Living Well: Lifestyle Choices, and Assessments

-- Inferior and Superior foods; strategies for healthier eating.

-- Weight loss Diets; Dieting and Losing Cravings; -- Tuning in to body and mind; coping;

-- Lifestyles and addiction, positive addiction; Goals; Honoring your needs; Making changes

-- Nerve Energy, key to bodily power and mental clarity

--Roles of digestion, sleep, rest, exercise, relaxation, stress and more...

-- Wellness Needs and their fulfillment; Nutritional Practices for Super- Energy

Readiness assessments; Staying on the wellness path.

Enroll Now

Our Advanced Course- the Wellness Supercharger for serious students (Level Two).

This level offers a full health makeover for you who are ready to leave behind old, tired, “tried and untrue” concepts of health and disease, leaping right into Super- energy and superlative wellness.

A full Wellness and Energy Intake/ Personalized Evaluation along with intensive re- education "Supercharge" you for a virtual paradigm shift with extraordinary results. Nine months to a year of coaching and consults are included, with all materials, emails and phone calls as needed.
You will welcome positive, lasting advantages and you will be thrilled with your new- found energy, peace of mind and freedom from health worries. You will also save a bundle in future health care costs, as you step into this dynamic vision.

Get Two for One Price!-- Couples are welcome.

Your overall program and all coaching sessions are tailored for your own needs.

Agreements and Fees Page

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Level 2 covers:
  • Full Personal medical history Intake* and Health Consults
  • Human Physiology and its Biological Adaptations
  • Nature's laws in Health and Disease
  • Hierarchy of Nutritive / Non- nutritive factors in Wellness
  • Disease Causation, Prevention and Healiing
  • Hospital, Medical and Other: Tests and Treatments
  • Pertinent Facts, Studies and Questions.

Remember-- Your Health is your Life!

To learn more about whether there is a place for you in our programs, call for a free consultation.

Enroll Now - - You can reserve your space with a small retainer to be guaranteed a spot.

Our Privacy Guarantee: Your email, contact and personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared.


Contact : Lucky Joy Wells / Email
Voicemail at: 808 346-2460. I will call you back free of charge.


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