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Water is Life!

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Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate, Master Coach

… Right living can add ten, twenty or more years to your life.
Imagine the peace of many productive, happy, loving, disease- free years ahead.

Physiology Consultant, energy and weight - loss trainer Lucky Wells offers
little known, highly effective approaches * for health and weight correction and motivation.

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!

FREE initial consult-- Call for a fuller explanation of the logic of our re- education
and to clarify your choices for superlative health and energy.

If you're ready to move into your best health, Contact Lucky / Email

Money- Back Guarantee / Disclaimer

Your Personal Guarantee

A money- back guarantee
may be available for you, depending on how far along you are or are not in the pathogenic process. If you are in the advanced stages of pathology, reversing that, although still possible, is more difficult.

Even those who may be medically diagnosed as hopeless or in advanced stages of disease will still stand to benefit greatly from this information, because there are no "cures" for disease without the removal of its cause. That is the focus of this work, and something that cannot be done by pills or treatments but only by the correct biological approach to reversing pathology. If you understood the half of it, which you will after your initial consultation, you will know that this is your only real option to regain true and lasting health. You have everything to win -- or lose-- including the very real possibility of improving your overall physiological function, recovering health and greater happiness to enjoy a longer life free of pain and illness.

In the field of Biocology™*, stories are not uncommon of those who were told they had no more than six months to live by doctors of medicine. Today, many of those clients have actually lived thirty or more healthy years because they chose the superior road to nature’s ways of health which do not include the use of drugs or treatments.

Once you are sufficiently educated, you will understand that these methods-- the most natural health there is-- constitute your only option for real and lasting wellness on Mother Nature's terms.…

This agreement will be tailored to what programs or studies you undertake.
If you become a paid-in-full client and student of this system, use and study the materials, and follow any and all suggestions and recommendations for the full length of the contractual agreement, you will begin to see the results that you have earned. But if you feel that after diligent and earnest efforts you have not achieved a substantive improvement in your health and well-being, you will receive your tuition fee back less books, videos, copy, long distance, and postage fees or other costs that have already been absorbed.

As part of this agreement, you are voluntarily availing yourself of an educational process tailored to your individual needs and designed to enable you to be restored to the highest level of wellness, well being and functional integrity that your physiology can attain. You will be encouraged to use your own judgement in regards to what lifestyle changes you will make. If you study well and act accordingly, you will no longer be dependent in the extreme upon outside assistance for the maintenance of health.

Sign and Date _____________________________________

Sign and Date _______________________________________

Agreement to be signed by Client and Consultant


Further Agreements

Dear Health seeker:

Congratulations! You are buying health self- sufficiency and a lifetime of savings
in health costs that could easily run into thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Understand, however, that this is not a program of medical diagnosis or advice. Instead, it is purely information to be considered and used as you see fit given your condition. The course of study and associated consultations do not constitute or recommend particular treatments or offer medical advice. All clients are directed to consult their own Physician for questions, concerns, treatments and further health information.
All students, clients, customers and associates of Lucky Joy Wells and/or the International Biocology Association must read and agree to the information, terms and conditions on this site.

Sign and Date _____________________________________

Sign and Date _______________________________________

Agreement to be signed by Client and Consultant


Contact : Lucky Joy Wells / Email
Voicemail at: 808 346-2460. I will call you back free of charge.


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dedicated to promoting "the most natural health in the marketplace."

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