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Lucky Joy Wells, Wellness Advocate, Master Coach

… Right living can add ten, twenty or more years to your life.
Imagine the peace of many productive, happy, loving, disease- free years ahead.

Physiology Consultant, energy and weight - loss trainer Lucky Wells offers
little known, highly effective approaches * for health and weight correction and motivation.

Join with the millions now enjoying the most natural health there is!

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Here is just a sampling of testimonials received from some of our clients who have had positive results. Not all are my own clients, but they are clients of my mentors using the same re- education and tools.


For the past 8 years I have been quite ill. I was suffering from Candida and severe allergies. I had gone to many different doctors of many different specializations, especially clinical ecologists, over the years. My health never improved despite what they did and all the drugs they prescribed. I spent thousands of dollars with them. In addition to everything else I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome added to my diagnoses. I was practically an invalid, spending most of my time in bed.
As I write this it is nine months lateIr. I have no symptoms of Candida, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or allergies. I have gained back my lost weight and am still very energetic.
I was impressed with others who were overcoming their problems and there were a variety of different illnesses. All overcame the problem doing the same thing, that is, using the methods of biocology.
I feel our government and press should tell the world about this way of reversing diseases.
Phyllis Avery, Vista, California


The changes in my life have been
nothing less than dramatic! In my first 26 years of life I rarely ate vegetables and almost never ate fruit. I ate lots junk just like most other people. Now that I have changed my bas habits of life, I am amazed at the wonderful changes I've experienced.
My acne is gone and my skin is very clear, at last. My nails used to be chipped and yellow. Now they're a translucent pink color-- The same for my toenails though some are still yellow in spots. My clothes remain fresh, clean and white the whole day through. One day of wearing used to turn them yellowish with a strong body odor. Because of my body odor I took up to three showers a day. One shower does me nicely now.
I have no more love handles. My emotional outlook is positive for the first time in years. I'm just not moody or depressed anymore.
I was a psychology major, but these methods now seem shallow amd often counterproductive. How could we be so blind as not to see that good mental health goes with good" physical health?
John Hamilton Yorktown, NY

Thanks to the methods taught me, my arthritis is now gone! I suffered excruciating joint pains. I was fast becoming a drug addict with the treatments. My fingers were so painful the doctor put special gloves on them to prevent use. And for my knees I sometimes had shin splints to limit their movements. Now I can use my fingers with dexterity and move my knees painlessly. They are much stronger now too.
Also, my allergies and sinus problems are also gone. Allergy shots, pills-no matter what the treatments were, things only got worse. J. H Springfield, MA

I used to get terrible headaches, but not any more. My eyesight has improved too. I now realize just how saturated my body was with toxic materials.
I want the world to know what they're missing from not investigating this way of health.
John Harold, Virginia

I am still free from asthma. It has been five years now without a trace. Thanks to you. I will soon be 87. Feel fine. No aches or pains. Teach school everyday. Have loads of energy on your diet. Haven't even had a cold or flu since I have begun living in this way.
Christiana Uhf, Wooster, Ohio

I'm overwhelmed that after applying the very basic principles, my body has overcome a battle with allergies which I have had since my teens (the writer is 26).
I had been addicted to nasal antihistamines. I was losing my sense of smell and taste. I was becoming very depressed. After two weeks of better eating and ways of living I literally awoke one morning and didn't feel the need for the nose spray. I haven't needed it since! Theresa A. Miller, Tray, Michigan


I, Burt Llanes had a very bad rash and was unable to get rid of it. So I went to the doctor and was given a shot of prednisone. Big mistake! It got worse and worse and worse.
The dermatologist I was seeing could not figure out what was going on and suggested I get further testing.
Biocologys' methods helped me greatly and improved the problem 100 per cent.
I recommend it strongly. Thank you for all your support and help.
Yours truly, Burt R. Llanes Captain Cook, HI

This page also includes Testimonials From Hawaii Health Consulting which uses the principles of Biocology

Dear Reader:

In the Fall of 2003, my daughter noticed an advertisement proclaiming expertise in helping those with rheumatoid arthritis - not to treat it BUT TO GET RID OF IT ALTOGETHER. Well, it certainly sounded too good to be true; after all, if there were a way to get rid of this disease, wouldn't medical science offer whatever Dr. Ebner offers instead of steroid injections and joint replacement surgery? Why wouldn't the non-profit arthritis foundations that the public donates hundreds of millions of dollars to every year to search for a cure promote what this doctor offers if it's proven to cure this affliction that literally millions suffer from? I pondered these questions and more.
I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical but suspended judgment while investigating what this was all about. I have had rheumatoid arthritis in my knees for twenty years and have been taking steroid injections to numb the pain from a disease my physician told me I would have for the rest of my life. I live in Saipan and needed to speak to some former patients to see what they had to say, which I did. Well, their responses were all extremely positive and thus I decided to place myself under Dr. Ebner's care and besides, he offered me a written money-back guarantee if I wasn't happy with the results.
That was last Fall. This is September 2004 and I am thrilled to report that I am completely cured.
My ankles and knees are completely healed and pain and inflammation free. I no longer need steroid injections nor will I need the inevitable joint replacement surgery that would have been necessary at some point as this disease progressed. This has truly been a miracle and I am thrilled to have my joint health restored. I am 67 years old and now my golden years will NOT be spent in a wheelchair or in a hospital having nuts and bolts in my knees replaced from time to time.
If you, or a loved one, are having joint problems and you want to regenerate permanent healthy joint function, I urge you to call a Biocolgy professional. What gripes me is the fact that had I known about this drugless, treatment-free natural approach twenty years ago, I could have avoided a lot of pain, suffering and medical expense. My physician should have known about this. Like Dr. Ebner says, "It's all about education not treatments." If you can learn, you can overcome your disease.
I highly recommend you at least take advantage of a free consultation and assessment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.
Bud White Saipan,Northern Mariana Islands <

(Special Note: Several months after Mr. White wrote this letter, he sent me an e-mail stating that the fee he paid for my services was, and I quote, ". . . one of my all time best investments.")

Dear Reader:

Last August I attended a lecture given by a doctor of physiology, on the subject of diseases, especially the "itises".I've had RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS for 30 years, so I was very anxious to hear what he had to say.
As the Branch Manager for the West Hawaii Branch of THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION, I was not only interested in what I might learn for my own personal benefit but in what I could possibly share with so many who are afflicted with similar chronic diseases who turn to THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION for guidance and help.

Well, I must say, that lecture has changed the quality of my life tremendously! Excellent learning materials and emotional supporr was superb as well.
I was not taking any medication at the time for the pain except tylenol as the harsher prescriptive drugs had too many side effects,
which only made me feel more miserable.

As I became re-educated and began applying the principles to my daily routine, the most amazing changes have taken place on an on-going basis

1. No pain in wrists and feet.

2. General aches and pains - Gone!

3. Don't need pain medication, (saving lots of

money on this item alone.)

4. No longer have migraine headaches that I have had for the past 10 years.

5. Problems with too much yeast in my system - Gone! I had chronic yeast infections. (The medications for that no longer worked.)

6. Haven't had a cold or flu since, even though everyone around me is sick.

7. Don't get a stiff neck when I drive to Hilo.

8. Not constipated anymore.

9. No coating on the tongue, i.e. morning


10. Happier, laugh more.

11. Better concentration

12. Don't take medications of any kind.

So you see why I say "it changed my life". I have much more I want to accomplish and to learn and now I have the energy I've always needed to do this with. The changes I've listed came very quickly and I'll be forever grateful!

Sincerely, Arlene Green


I never thought I would be writing a testimonial letter about anyone or anything. When I've read such letters, my thoughts or comments were always "I wonder how much money they were paid to say or write that statement?" Well, I can assure you I was not paid to write the following but rather was simply asked if I would be willing to do so; needless to say, I've done so voluntarily in order that others so afflicted may take some comfort in knowing that there's real and lasting hope out there for those suffering from problems similar to mine.

Even since I was a small child, I've suffered with stiff knees. Within the last couple of years, pain has been added to the stiffness. I also began to experience a sharp piercing pain in my left knee that began to awaken me nearly every morning between four and five o'clock. It was so painful, I began taking Advil. I eventually went to my medical doctor who suggested that I take Celebrex. It did provide relief however the thought of having to take medication daily for the rest of my life was too bitter a pill to swallow, not to mention expensive, and thus I decided to seek advice elsewhere.

What I needed in order to permanently overcome my painful and chronic knee inflammation was not treatments or medications but rather education. Up until that point, I was so use to seeking out treatments for what ailed me that at first I thought how is information going to help me but I suspended my judgment long enough to hear it out and as I listened, it made common sense. Besides, I was offered a written money back guarantee if I didn't feel that I had achieved significant improvement after a certain period of time.

Well, that was over a year ago and in spite of or rather because of the fact that some of what I learned was contrary to both medical science as well as what I had assumed to be true all of my life. after one year I have experienced major improvements in both my knees and no longer have a need for Advil, Celebrex or any medications for that mattter. I am no longer awakened by knee pain and I also have increased flexibility. I also like the fact that I am in total control of how good I feel both today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. One of my passions is dancing and due to my new found health improvements, my enjoyment on the dance floor is greater than ever.

If you're having problems with joint pain or any other kind of chronic pain for that matter, you may find it in your best interest as well to seek out solutions that are based on the biological repair processes inherent within us all. Indeed education was the solution.

V. Lawson Kailua-Kona, HI


Dear Reader:

In the Spring of 1993 I did not feel good at all. My energy level was very poor. I had always said that I was destined to see the first year of the 21st Century but I didn't really feel like I was going to make it.
After having gone the orthodox route for so many years, I decided that an alternative approach may hold out some hope for me What I learned made so much sense and was based upon factors totally within my control, I made the commitment to work the program.
That was June of 1993 and I can honestly say that the results have been remarkable and the improvements and pain relief began on day one.

1. For many years, I was plagued by indigestion. I bought Tums by the case. Within one week, I no longer had indigestion and the Tums went into the trash.

2. The arthritis in my knees has shown great improvement. All the soreness was completely gone within a few days.

3. The edema in my legs and feet has continued to dissipate.

4. There has been major improvement in my mental health, even my friends have noticed.

5. There has been major improvement in my eyesight.

6, My skin is no longer dry and flaky and no longer bruises so easily if I bump up against something.

7. I'm enjoying noticeable additional hair growth and of a darker color as it was when I was a younger man.

8. I'm no longer on multiple medications including one prescribed for an irregular heartbeat, a condition I no longer have and, of course, I like the money I'm saving.

9. My energy level has greatly improved. I feel more like 50 years of age instead of 75.

All of the wonderful improvements in my health and well-being are due to this advice and counsel. Barring any accidents, I will now see the 21st Century, more than likely, several years of it.My most sincere thanks,
Gordon H. Hill Oahu, HI

To Whom It May Concern:

Last Fall a friend of mine suggested that I contact a doctor of physiology/biocology, I had a host of health problems I've had for many, many years. I can now say that that was one of the best recommendations I've ever been given.
Without exception, I have shown improvements and full recovery from a host of disease conditions that I now know would have otherwise continued to plague me for the rest of my life, conditions that would have gotten worse with chronic provocation and time.

The following is a list of the seemingly miraculous improvements I've been blessed with:

1. No longer constipated or have loose bowels.

2. No longer have aching hips, stiff knees or stiff fingers.

3. My toes have straightened out and my fingers look better.

4. My skin has improved immensely.

5. I have increased energy!

6. I'm a lot less nervous.

7. I'm more relaxed.

8. I can now wear a bikini and look good which I haven't been able to do since giving birth over 21 years ago, (I'm 51), I now have my "girlish" figure from my 20's!!!
I no longer have any aches or pains anywhere in my body and, as a result, I am totally committed to my new found healthul living practices and want to share my experiences with others so that they may benefit as well.
My health support system is giving me the knowledge and encouragement to stay healthy and strong and more able to enjoy all the joys that life has to offer. I will be forever grateful.
Julie Hotz Hilo, Hawaii

Dear Reader:

After 8 years of allergies and other painful conditions, trips and costs of doctors' visits, (medical, naturopathic, homeopathic, herbal, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.), I had the good fortune of meeting a Doctor of Biocology, through Hospice of Kona. That was a most fortunate turning point for me.

As a result of undergoing private counselling, I have gradually but steadily improved and presently am disease free and healthier than I've ever been.

1. No longer have allergies or hay fever which I had for 8 years of extreme pain.

2. No more sharp shooting nerve pains in my nose which I had for 5 years & No more sore nose which I had for 8 years.

3. Small tumors in breasts have dissapeared!
4. No more chronic sneezing.

5. No more itchy eyes.

6. No more hemmorhoids.

8. No longer have indigestion or stomach aches.

9. I have much more energy and vitality and, as a result, am more prosperous and productive.

10. I have much more mental clarity and joy in living.

11. No more menstrual pain, cramps or discomfort, (previously moderate to bad), flow, previously very heavy, is also lighter.

12. I am friendlier and more social which is both a result and a cause of feeling better.

All of these wonderful improvements have been achieved without the use of medications, herbals or other remedies, supplements or treatments of any kind. My whole attitiude toward life has changed and I feel so fortunate and grateful for all that I have learned and become.
L. Williams HI

To Anyone Who May Be Concerned:

About three years ago, I fell off a ladder and injured my right elbow by cracking the bone. After the serious pain subsided, I was in a sling for about a month. I went through extensive physical therapy hoping to beat atrophy and to increase my range of motion. After nearly a year, I still had not regained normal range of motion which was very disappointing to me.
Within 10 days of following these recommendations I was taking a shower one evening when I noticed that I could reach an area of my upper back that I hadn't been able to reach for years! Of course I was thrilled! My range of motion is now completely restored!
Additionally, my mother has been following this advice for several months. She has already experienced very noticeable relief of her angina, (chest pains relating to constricted blood flow to the heart), decreased chronic lower back pain and chronic knee joint pain.
It's so exciting to know that with the proper knowledge and guidance, a person can affect the healing processes of this fantastic miracle we call a body to such a great extent without the need for drugs and/or surgery in a relatively short period of time. I feel in control of my health now more than ever before and it feels great!

From the bottom of my heart, I owe a great deal of gratitude for this priceless knowledge with me and being there for me and my questions whenever I need him. It's been well worth the price of admission.
In the best of health, Gene T. Calvert HI


Dear Reader:
My story is a complex one and is of utter importance to anyone who is not well now and desiring better health. As I say, "If you don't have your health, you don't have a life."

I was working in the orthodox health care field in 1991 and noticed a decline in my energy level around 1994. Before then, just to give a benchmark, I was actively pursuing health by running five miles a day, water and snow skiing, camping, hiking and gardening. I am also a mother with a daughter born in 1992 and was a very young 29 year old.
My energies started failing month by month, but I thought it was just attributed to being busy as a mother, working full-time and trying to have fun on the weekends with my hobbies. I noticed significant pain in my joints and body pain appearing in 1997. My body felt like one big bruise when I touched it. Then a full-on pain/fatigue combination that would not let up was constant and unrelenting by 1998. I had to quit my full time job in January 1998. By that time, my life consisted of sleeping in excess of 14 hours a day, maybe getting out of bed to do a load of laundry, sometimes to make a simple meal. Other days were all bedridden and sleeping to the tune of 20 hours a day. My husband would have to do the shopping as my body would not tolerate this activity. Upon arising, if I stepped a foot out of bed onto the floor, my foot felt like stabbing needles were jabbing into them until "I walked it off". I then bought a hot tub from a "biofeedback physician's advice" and it helped loosen up my muscles somewhat and could do a little more but not by much of what I would consider a huge change! My daughter would help my husband with the daily chores of life, all at the ripe age of 5. I would need help to get up and down stairs and felt as if my body was in that of a 90 year old woman's.<
I lived day to day with this pain and fatigue and trying to see different doctors, practitioners and health care providers to help me decrease the pain and rid myself of this haranging, unrelenting fatigue that never uplifted to a tolerable level.

I began a very long road of seeing various practitioners, licensed and unlicensed depending on what they were offering for healing me of these awful symptoms. I went to see chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, physicians and physical therapists with all various benefits; however, they were in all, short lived.
I did the medication regime for a couple of years and took various kinds of medication for the differing symptoms I was having. I can recall being on seven at once for some time. I felt more -- I felt worse on the medications, depending on what symptom they were suppose to be treating, whether it was my sleeping, pain, depression, high blood pressure or fatigue.
I went to a rheumatologist who recommended that I go to an arthritis group and learn "how to live" with these diagnoses daily, so called managed care. Since I lived in a rural area, I would drive two hours to get to this once a week meeting. I did this for two months. I went for hope and understanding, which did help some, however not to what I would call a resolving, positive healing direction. I felt frustrated and discontent as I now went through daily life as labeling myself as having two horrifying and disabling diseases called fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue immunodeficiency syndrome.
I would keep striving to get the best up-to-date health care that was out there. I went on the internet daily researching new ways to "treat" my fibromyalgia with new herbal combinations, vitamins and minerals. I would also try to read all the books out there regarding my diagnoses to keep abreast of the latest and greatest technique to control symptoms.
If you are familiar with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, you know there are good days and bad days and I was having more bad days which are called "flare-ups" or "flare". I was filling more and more of my days with hopelessness, depression and despair rather than with hope, joy and vibrant living.

In November of 2001, I came across a doctor of Biocology, who emphatically stated that I need look no further for solutions, that he could help me. I was surprised, overjoyed and more than eager to pursue this new adventure of healing myself. I enjoyed his intelligence, approach and professionalism towards my health.
I am happy to report that I am now PAIN AND FATIGUE FREE! I am starting my life over in many ways that I haven't dreamed of doing since my decline in health in 1994. I wake up each morning without pain or fatigue and continue throughout my day with no pain or fatigue.

It it wasn't for Biocology helping me to help myself by trying a totally fresh approach to regaining my health, I would be in the same miserable condition or worse Dr. Ebner is honest, has integrity and extended himself over and beyond what was required of his time and efforts for my health.

There are no words to type as I sit here to express the deepest gratitude, appreciation and thanks to Dr. Jack for helping me get my health, family and life back to what it was in 1994!

Warmly, Tammy Romaguera HI

Dear Reader,
In October 2003 I suddenly became very ill. I had a raging fever that would not let up. I was so hot, I would think nothing of dressing in summer clothing while outside on below freezing South Dakota snowy winter days. I became listless and had practically no energy. By Four in the afternoon, I was ready for bed. I had a stomach disorder for which I was drinking an entire bottle of pepto bismol almost every day. I was also taking four different medications. For twenty years, I was taking Allegra and Nasonex for allergies. The symptoms of the allergies were itchy eyes and throat, sneezing and a stuffed up nose. For the past 2 years I had to use a cortisone inhaler because my wheezing and breathing were so unmanageable. I was also taking approximately 800 milligrams of ibuprofen a day for back pain and headaches. Not only was I not getting better, I was getting worse.

As I became more aware of how to correctly interpret symptoms and began to apply my new found knowledge to my daily routine, my symptoms began to abate. Not only did my energy gradually return, it's about double what it used to be. I feel like I'm twenty again and I''m fory-one. I'm off all of the above medications as well as the pepto bismol. My body temperature is normal. I'm happier and healthier than I have been in years.

All I can say is if it weren't for this advice, counsel and support, I would undoubtedly be worse off today than I was last October. I feel that (Biocology) has saved me from a demise from which I may not have recovered and this turnaround in my health took place without treatments or medications of any kind.

Thanks so much !Sincerely,

Nancy Palmer Kauai


Well, there you have some authentic testimonials from those whose lives were dramatically changed for the better. Just by learning to tap into their own inherent repair processes, these people were able to permanently overcome conditions considered to be incurable and the results achieved were/are far from anecdotal. How about you? What's going on? Pick up the phone and give me a call.

Many thanks for the additional testimonials from the clients of Dr. Jack and the WellnessBEAM Systems!

Lucky Joy Wells &
Jack M. Ebner:


Live in the utmost vitality, in healthy weight and wellness.

Experience the amazing wisdom and healing of the body,

Always keeping you as healthy as it can no matter how well or poorly you play the game.

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