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Board & Staff

Your Sans Souci Inc. Board of Directors...

Barry Denney, President
Larry Petulla, Vice President
Jesse Jones, Treasurer
Emmanuel Denis, Secretary
Hank Delevati, Assistant Secretary

Barry Denney, President

Barry was selected at the Sept. 2nd 2009 Board Meeting to replace Don Persons for his term ending 2010.
Barry has been enjoying staying at Sans Souci since 2003 and became a Stockholder at the beginning of 2009 when he purchased PH2 from Ralph Kiewit, one of the developers of the building.
Barry believes he can make a positive contribution of his education and experience to the Board and ultimately, to the Stockholders.
Barry grew up in Nebraska, has one son, and served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Barry has several degrees with a Master of Business Administration from U.S.C., is a Charter Financial Analyst, (CFA) and has taught at the University of Hawaii as an Adjunct Professor of Finance.
Barry's work experience is mostly in financial management, including several well known Hawaii clients.
Barry's holding company, Serenity Lodging, LLC, now manages and owns one hotel property; The Inn of Sedona, in Sedona Arizona. This is a 110 room hotel and he is responsible for the Management over site of all aspects of its operation: Budgets, cost reviews, renovation planning, etc., ... not dissimilar from the responsibilities of the Board of Sans Souci, Inc.
In the 1980's Barry served as President of the North Slope Homeowners Assoc. and as a Director for the Mauna Kea Homeowners Assoc., (Big Island-Hawaii) and in the 90's he served as the President of Glen Eagles Homeowners Assoc. and served on the Board of the Semiahmoo Golf and Country Club Association, (Blaine, WA).
Barry is currently semi retired and plans to spend five to six months of the year at Sans Souci. He will be available in person, or by phone, fax or email for all Board meetings and calls by the President. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Larry Petulla, Vice President

Larry was born in Pennsylvania, where he was a wrestling champion in high school. He entered the seminary upon graduation and later studied at Purdue University, where he received a degree in biology and education. He married Carlee, a school teacher, and they moved to California in 1959, and Larry attended graduate school at Stanford. They decided to make their home in California, where he started a private practice in Physical Therapy. He developed four orthopedic and sports injury centers in the Bay area which he ran for over thirty years. He served as the head of rehabilitation at Community Hospital in Los Agates for 20 years. He sold his practices in 1990 to a national public traded company, Novacare. He then subsequently retired and developed a consulting firm.
Larry loves to ski, run, bike, fly fish, travel and do woodworking projects. Carlee and Larry have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Jesse Jones, Treasurer

Jesse has lived in Honolulu since 1984 and at Sans Souci for almost 15 years (renting for 5 years and purchasing in 2002. Until recently he split his time equally between Sans Souci and a home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been married to Nalani, a "Hilo girl" for more than 22 years and has one daughter, Seren. Jesse is a more than 26 year cancer survivor

Jesse's career has been in real estate development and management, both in Honolulu and Las Vegas. His commercial property management experience provides an excellent background for serving on the Sans Souci Inc. Board of Directors, especially as the Treasurer. His primary goal is to make decisions that are in the best interests of his fellow owners and he is ready and willing to attend board meetings and serve on committees as needed.

Jesse is a lover of Sans Souci, the beach, and the view. He is available to meet with or correspond with anyone through the email address: .

Emmanuel Denis, Secretary

"E.T." is a retired Dentist, having practiced in Massachusetts for 45 years. He and his wife Lorraine he have been coming to Hawaii for 14 years, the last two happily at Sans Souci. His concerns are everyone's safety and comfort and maintaining the property, improving it esthetically while controlling expenses.

Hank Delevati, Assistant Secretary

Hank has enjoyed visiting and living at Sans Souci since 2000, and has loved every minute in Hawaii and especially here at Sans Souci,by far the best location to live in the Islands. Last year he purchased and remodeled #606.
Hank has 30 years of business technical experience and retired as Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Quantum Corp. He currently owns and manages several properties in Northern California as well as serves as Chairman of the Board of Versant Corporation (VSNT). He has previously managed several apartment buildings of 66 and 30 units each. He has worked with technology, budgets, building construction and maintenance,and served on many committees and boards. He is no stranger to tough decisions and offering input and advice. He would like to help keep Sans Souci well managed, well maintained, and keep its reputation as a premier residential location on Oahu, as well as help keep it in pristine condition.
His intent as a Board member is to represent all stockholders and make responsible decisions regarding our mutual interests at Sans Souci. The need to balance service, maintenance, and expenses is critical to our building at this time. He will make himself available and has the intent to contribute to Sans Souci and looks forward to serving. He also seeks your individual input on any issues of interest.


Lisa Ann Lee, Site Manager

Lisa is an outgoing, confident individual who likes to work hard & help people. She offers a warm yet firm leadership and has 13 years of management experience handling all the duties that we expect and need here at Sans Souci. Lisa has also worked as a flight attendant & real estate leasing agent. Lisa has one daughter in nearby La Pietra School for Girls.

Lisa will be on-site in or near the office with a work schedule of Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Please join us in welcoming Lisa Ann Lee to our team of Ron Schmidt and Ulysses Matsumoto at Sans Souci.


Ron Schmidt, Resident Maintenance Manager

Ron is extremely experienced in all aspects of building maintenance (painting, electrical, plumbing, physical structure and odd jobs). He has been in Hawaii approximately 20 years. He is outgoing, always has a smile, and is fully prepared to tackle any and all work needed for Sans Souci. Note: Ron's responsibility is to the building - he is not to be doing any work inside apartments for residents or renters. Ron will be working 36 hours a week, Monday thru Friday. Ron is single and lives on-site in the apartment adjacent to the office.

We WELCOME both Lisa and Ron to Sans Souci!


Ulysses Matsumoto, Custodian
Ulysses has been with Sans Souci for approximately 30 years and is an all-around
multi-talented worker and "greeter" for the building



John Schick, Property Manager - Hawaiiana Mangement Co.

John Schick was born in Belgrad, Serbia. He graduated from high school in southern Germany and came to the US in 1950. He joined the Air Force and in 1973, after the end of the Vietnam war, retired at Hickam Air Force Base. He has been a resident of Hawaii since 1965. He managed the Residential Management Dept. of Chaney Brooks & Co. for several years and left that company in 2001 to become the General Manager of Waikoloa Village Assn. on the Big Island. (Waikoloa Village Assn. is a Homeowners Assn. consisting of 2500+ single family homes and condominiums.) John left Waikoloa Village Assn. last April, joined Hawaiiana Management Co. in June, and shortly after became Sans Souci's new management representative. We welcome him into the Sans Souci family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Site Manager, Lisa Ann Lee -
Phone Sans Souci (808)923-8009
Sans Souci Cell Phone (808)255-1439
Personal Cell: 371-3394

Hawaiiana Management Co., Ltd. -
Phone (808) 593-6857

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