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Welcome To Plastic Sole


Plastic Sole plays The Beatles!!
P lastic Sole came of age during the year of 2001, after having played numerous gigs in New York and New Jersey.
The band, which premiered at Beatlefest(in Secaucus, NJ) , has ben playing steadily to packed audiences in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and also in New Jersey.
Recent performances include Hans Gasthaus(in Queens), Bogart's (Bay Ridge), The Real McCoy(Staten Island, where they have, as of this writing, performed seven times), Peggy O'Neal's(Bay Ridge) and The Gershwin Hotel(Manhattan).


Plastic Sole has recently consolidated their six-piece line-up(making it possible to perform any Beatles tune, even the ones the band themselves wouldn't have dared perform live) in recent months, and, through steady rehearsals, have refined their sound into standing ovations from the crowd.
Although Plastic Sole is a Beatles tribute band, they do not solely play tunes from the band era: their repertoire also includes songs from the post-Beatles era, such as Wings' "Junior's Farm", Harrison's "What Is Life" and Plastic Ono Band's "Instant Karma", to mention a few.

A recent inclusion in the set list is "Freedom", Paul McCartney's poignant anthem in honor of the victims of the tragedy of September 11th.

A splendid time is guaranteed to all
The band is available for private parties, pubs, parties and anything else where you'd like a little Beatles Music going...

Please e-mail us at the address below, if you like to join our mailing list.

  Plastic Sole can be reached through e-mail for further info and bookings.


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