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We are...

We are less than a mile from Columbia National wildlife Refuge with its numerous deep lakes, native animals, birds and fauna of the high desert country of Washington State. We look to the south, west and north over the water with Mt. Rainier in the far tip of the sky. We have, money back guaranteed, sunsets, (no kidding), and just about the same for the sunrises that come out of the East, especially in the late fall and winter. Since we are located smack in the middle of the Pacific Flyway, not only is it an excellent duck and geese hunting area, pheasants, quail, doves and even some grouse, but bird watching in general. In February there is a Bald Eagle Festival and in March the Sand hill Crane Festival. Of course, there are the famous cherry and apple festivals, and many wineries in the Columbia Basin. Surrounding us is the famous Columbia River that provides irrigation for our huge truck farms and other agricultural crops. Grand Coulee Dam is located about 70 miles north from here, on State highway 17, through the beautiful Columbia Basin landforms formed by ice millions of years ago.


We offer

At Perch Point Resort, not only do we offer pull thru and back-in spaces for all size RV's with 50 amp electric service, septic, and water, but have over 200 shade trees and some lots have unrenowned views of the reservoir and sunsets. At Perch Point Resort we offer our guests public restrooms with hot showers, a laundry room, community covered picnic/BBQ area with dishwashing area and electric access, and hopefully before summer is over, a store for your personal needs which usually includes night crawlers, ice and ice cream.

   I think one of the greatest benefits is that you are within a five minute walk to the lake where you can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, water sports, biking or just lying on the beach (real sand) and just watch mother nature do her thing. In taking this position, I have accomplished a life long dream of accepting responsibility to insure that people have a beautiful, wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature with their family and friends

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Perch Point Resort L.L.C.©
5943 rd J S.E.
Moses Lake, Washington
Phone/Fax (509) 764-7100
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