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Makapu`u Lighthouse

February 23, 2002

This will be our second outing to Makapu`u Lighthouse, the first was on October 30, 2000.  Wow, I thought it was just last year!  Anyway there is a map showing the location and a lot of pictures at the following URL:

George's pictures from the last hike can be seen at:

This year I thought going in February would give us another chance to see whales as we did last month at Kaena Point and that we did!  The last time there were 11 hikers or should I say strollers since this is such an easy hike?  This year there were only 7 hikers a suprizingly small number concidering there was over two months notice as to the date and the ease of the hike.  Any today the hikers were George and son Matt, Joyce, Joe, Brenda, my wife Barb and of course me.

There were many, many hikers today.  Barb and I had a hard time finding a parking spot close to the trail head.

As we walked down the narrow shoulder of the highway I snapped this picture of the trail/road going to the Lookout.