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Kalawahine-Nuuanu Overlook-Nuuanu Trail

Saturday May 25th, 2002

This is another hike I learned by hanging with the Wee Gees, who later became know as the Hooters, and then after getting into trouble   :-)   again changed their name to the Galoots.  We did it one Wednesday back in March.  Today it would be the Pecos Hikers meeting the challenge.  We met at the "hunter's" parking area just off Nuuanu Pali Highway around 9 am.  At least we were supposed to meet at 9, some people who shall remain nameless did not show until 9:15.  And some did not show at all.  

There we left three cars and squeezed into others to ride to the Kalawahine trail head high on Tantalus Drive.  The parking for the Kalawahine Trail is just makai of the spot were the road narrows to almost one lane.       As you can see there is lots of room for cars.

 From there we walked mauka across the narrow section.