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At the trail head is a map of the valley and a sign in log.  While I was putting on my boots I hope someone signed us in.  Last year we went in a clock wise direction and I felt that it was a harder hike that way.  So we took off in a counter clock-wise direction around 10:20.  Debi and a few other took off a little early.  Barb and I were in the middle of the pack for a while.

Three days ago I walked the lower loop and cleared much of the small branches that blocked the trail.  There were a lot of bigger trees across the trail that needed at least a hand saw.  After about 1/2 hour Barb suggested to those behind us to pass us by.  Being the "novice" of the group she was walking at a slower pace.

Soon we fell far behind and after 1 hour (11:20) had reached the "bunker" area which is the junction of the lower and upper loops.  Barb sat down for a rest and decided that the lower loop was enough.  The arrow on the sign points to where we had come out of the "bush".