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Hello lovelies and happy hide memorial day <3 I deeply apologize for my insane lack of updates but it seems life has gotten the better of me. Further more, my beloved site has been on my mind a lot over these past months that I have neglected it. I have been thinking of a way I can improve it. And the more I look at it, the more I realize it needs a lot of work. I shall be moving it to a new home. (Because, let's face it, Angel Fire is getting very sad.) I would like to rewrite a few thing's of mine. (Don't worry, the opinion is still the same. ^_~) Add more of anything I possibly can. I still have a lot of plans and I am deeply sorry this seems like empty promises. I have just been letting my life get the better of me. My biggest thing to tackle regarding this site is a layout. I have honestly been beating my brains out for that one. Any way, I would like to announce that my site," With you.." shall be down for maintenance for a while. I will let you all know of it's new location as soon as I can get everything ready to be back on the web again. I shall work very hard on this because honestly, this page does mean a lot to me.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or anything you would like to speak of, feel free to e-mail me. E-mails are always welcome. <3 

Now, regarding today...

I would like all of you to do whatever your heart tells you on this day. It is deeply special to all of us. Celebrate, cry. Do both for goodness sake! I know I will. I believe one of the most memorable thing's I have done for this day was two years ago when I was 16. I wrote a letter. A tribute letter to him. Thanking him for everything he is, has done, and always will be. Then I burnt it and sent it's ashes into the air. And I believe this year, I shall spend all today watching hide's videos, concerts, and smile.

And more then anything, I shall remember how he makes me smile. <3

Happy hide memorial day to you all.

Thank you and love always,