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Hi, and welcome to my site. I am Chris Guest or, as some people call me, Random Chris. The site is mainly about my year abroad, but I might eventually put something else up here as well... you'll just have to check, won't you?

OK, it's mid-evening-ish, so I might as well put something else up... some photos are up if you haven't already noticed, click on the link below to see them. I am trying to learn html code but it's not going very quickly, as you can tell. Right, about me (if you've just happened to stumble on this site, or if you've forgotten after so long in France...) :

If you don't know my name I don't know why you're reading this paragraph, the first one is a bit higher up... I am 19, a languages student currently living in Versailles until February, when I go to Pamplona to study something. I am a shy extrovert (yes, that does work), and my interests include walking in the countryside, karaoke (which, of course, depends on the song), bonfires, proofreading, and things that make you go 'hmm...' with a wry smile.

Et comme j'ai plein de visiteurs français, je les passe un gros coucou et j'attends avec impatience qu'ils me rendent visite...

Gros bisous à: Marion, Peggy, Dolôrès, Cynthia, Fatima, Audrey, Audrey, Aurélie et Justine.

Gros serrements de main à: Ryan, Dimitri, Arnaud, Xavier, Damien, Samuel, Enrique, Aymeric, Pascal, Manu, Jimmy et Grumly.

UPDATE: Diary updated [7/3/02]


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