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Responsible Ownership

A dogs life begins and ends with us, human beings. When
you breed many lives are in your hands, are you prepared
to be responsible for each and every one ?

The dogs belonging to my friends and my own dogs, live
a life full of love, care and companionship. I am sure
the little saying "It's dogs life", does not refer to
that kind of life. Not all dogs are that fortunate
though. Through indiscriminate breeding and careless
owners, millions of dogs are abandoned and put to
death each year.

Because you think your dog is the smartest and best
looking dog in the world is not reason enough to breed.
You have to be aware of all the consequences and be
prepared to keep ALL the pups if good homes are not
found. That is responsible breeding.

The miracle of birth is wonderful but what of the
horror of death. Every one loves a cute, playful puppy,
pups grow to be adult dogs and to many people the
cuteness wears off. Not every one is prepared to
handle the adult dog and they get rid of them by one
means or another. Many think of the dog as disposable
commodities and don't consider dogs as living,
breathing feeling creatures.

Neutering and spaying does not harm your dog. It is
the humane way to stop the overpopulation of dogs.
It prevents you from being the one responsible for
the lives of any unwanted pups. Accidents happen but
if you have your dog spayed or neutered as soon as
possible it will not happen to you. Littering the
world with unwanted puppies is a waste of life.