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The Mililani Orchid Club

From Pineapple Field to Planned Community

The Mililani Orchid Club meets on the 1st non-holiday Monday of each month
at 6:30-8:30 P.M. in the Cohen Child & Family Center, 95-1091 Ainamakua Drive, in Mililani-mauka, Hawaii.

According to our by-laws, the purpose and objectives of the club are:
To engage in the promotion of orchid culture, extending the knowledge, production and appreciation of orchids;
to acquire and disseminate information relating to orchid culture;
and to encourage participation in orchid shows and displays.
Meetings include a plant discussion table where members talk about plants that they bring that night.
Awards are given for cultural merit.
Sick plants may be brought in for evaluation.
Refreshments are served.
At the end of each meeting, each member may receive a healthy seedling to take home and grow.

On the 2nd Saturday in May, the club sponsors its Annual Mother's Day Orchid Display and Plant Sale.
The first was held on May 9, 1987, and the members have continued to share the raising of orchids with those who attend.
We participate in local orchid shows sponsored by other societies.

Our club pin is shown near the top of this page. Bernadino Cagauan, who was president of the club at the time that the pin was made, came up with the winning idea for the design.
The finished design was then created by Jack Woltmon, whom we lost to cancer on Christmas Day, 2002.
Jack made badges for other orchid societies, as well, and loved to collect them and share them with others.

The membership of this suburban group consists mainly of Mililani residents and a few others from neighboring communities.
Many are backyard hobbyists; some are commercial orchid growers.

Membership: Annual dues are $20 per year.
Contact the Mililani Orchid Club
P.O. Box 894531
Mililani, HI 96789

for membership, comments and questions.


Saturday, May 13, 2023
Come to the Mililani Orchid Club's

It's a display of our members' plants and a fundraiser for the club's activities.

We will offer:
Blooming orchid plants in gift baskets and wrapped for gift presentation
Country Store with a variety of items, goodies and inexpensive plants


At the April 2, 2018 meeting, Winnie Sambrano and her husband, Benny, demonstrate how they compose orchid gift baskets.

Here are some images of the MOTHER'S DAY ORCHID DISPLAY & PLANT SALE in 2003. We couldn't do without the huli-huli chicken that was sold in the tent outside. It was scrumm-dili-ump-tious!!! We just got caught up in what was going on in the cafeteria and forgot to take pictures of the chicken sales. Sincere thanks to all who participated in the event. You made it possible for us to conduct the year's club activities. The general public is invited to attend our meetings as guests. You are very welcome.

Photo Gallery

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ALBUM PAGES of the Mililani Orchid Club's display at the Aiea Orchid Club's show
Father's Day Weekend, June 2003

Click each mini montage for a larger view

The Mililani Orchid Club participated in the 49th Annual Kunia Orchid Show, March 14-16, 2003.

There were winners in our display:
BEST LAVENDER CATTLEYA.....Blc. Triumphant Coronation 'Seto'. Owners:Harry & Dorothy Abe
BEST NOBILE DENDROBIUM.....Den. Second Love 'Tokimeki'. Owners: Harry & Dorothy Abe
BEST ONCIDIUM....Wils. Golden Afternoon 'Rich Yellow'. Owner: Yasu Tamashiro

Below are some pictures of the display that was composed by chairmen Amy and Elizabeth and their crew of volunteers.

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Club Safari in 2002 to visit and buy plants from nurseries on the Windward side of Oahu and another in Palolo Valley*** Picture Gallery photos by I. Brunson

Photo Gallery

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Mililani Orchid Club Display in the 2002 Honolulu Orchid Society Show *** Picture Gallery Pictures by I. Brunson

Photo Gallery

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