What are you looking at - Sanzo Gomen, Sanzo-san is in a rather cranky mood today - Hakkai
  What are you talking about Hakkai-kun, Sanzo is always in a bad mood - Gojyo Sanzo - I am hungry ... is there food - Goku
  And Goku is always thinking of food, baka monkey - Gojyo Am not you perverted river boy!!! - Goku
  Guys, please ... - Hakkai wanna tell me what's up? Shut up before I kill the both of you!!! - Sanzo aiming his gun at the now quiet pair
what cha' looking at?
my loves, what do you want to know?


Based loosely on the Chinese classic, Saiyuki (or Journey to the West or Xi You Ji), this manga is a riot!

In this manga version, danger threatens the world as we watch the mad attempts of the jade-face vixen to revive her lover, the demon ox/bull king. Tearing the delicate fabric of co-existence and tolerance between man and demon, she plunges the world in chaos. Instructed by the gods, our 4 friends must now travel to the West to defeat her. But hey, here's were it really deviates from the original classic! The clever and playful monkey king is now a 15 year old boy led by his stomach and cannot remember his past the high priest Tang San Zang, a meek and mild gentleman in the classic is a swearing gun-slinging foul-mouth? The obedient and faithful Sandy priest is a womanizing gambler and the greedy but endearing pigsy is now a scholarly youth with a VERY dark and bizarre past?? ^_~

Wooh I love it, devout lovers of the classic, don't get TOO shocked actually, I hope staunch Buddhists and Taoists don't get too offended too as the Taoist and Buddhist gods are portrayed in a less than reverent manner but it still ain't as much as how Angel Sanctuary (I feel) offends most Christians.

But it's great, I can't even begin to describe what fun this manga is! Bizarre no doubt, but very well-drawn and packed with adventure guys will love the fighting scenes, girls will droll over the 4 bishounen wow! I mean, get hold of this, it is THE BEST! I am bugging my comic store for the latest issue every week sorry Uncle, sorry Alvin ^__^ and gotta hide my copies, Kit my brother is always swiping them to read in the bathroom ewww

Kit (webmaster of
Trigun) - Thanks sis, for announcing my reading habits to the world


Released till Volume 9 with one volume for the prologue story.

AUTHOR - Kazuya Minekura
(gotta idolize this gal!)

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