Yami No Matsuei - When it is time to go

Descendents of Darkness - when a person does not leave this world in peace but continues to have some care that is unresolved, he might become a Shinigami in the underworld. Oddly or not so oddly, the underworld called the Meifu mirrors our world. Here in the Meifu, we meet some of the Shinigamis (Gods of Death) ie. those who are in charge of Japan (Shokan division) -

Tatsumi and Tzusuki

There is Tsuzuki Asato, the main character with a sweet tooth and child like demeanor. However, if one examines closely, one finds that there is some mysterious tragedy behind his sometimes-sad purple eyes. Then there is his new partner - the smart "alecky" and psychic Kurosawa Hisoka. Murdered at 16 but mature and shall we say, cranky beyond his years. And then there is the 'mad scientist' Watari Yutaka, who is always seeking to perfect his 'sex-changing' medicine when he is not horsing around with Tsuzuki and Hisoka. And who can resist Tatsumi Seiichirou, the secretary to the head if the Shokan division of the Shinigamis, but rumored to be the read head. Personally he is my favorite Shinigami - basically the sarcastic-what-I-say-goes-kinda guy or as we say at my work place, OPPRESSIVE!!!

Hmm for all those who know me Tatsumi would make the perfect you-know-LA, yeah the same job my twin brother Kit is at. Actually for that matter, me too, we just work at different firms but share similar Chinese names) ... confusing? Check out his page at the Trigun - Vash the Stampede for a better idea ...


Artist and author - Yoko Matsushita (tah-dah)

Look on the bright side, if it is time to go, at least the Shinigamis who will be here to escort you are really cute guys J might we say 'to die for'? Personally I dig Tsuzuki's love hate friendship with Tatsumi. My cousin Mun however thinks that they sometimes act like they are yaoi characters ... heh heh, but as in most cases, ignorance is bliss. And please, let the management here at "The Dark Lands" know what you thought of this place ... M's in charge of it right? M (looks around frantically and finally finds him)? Muraki-sensei! Stop staring and salivating at the sketch of Tsu and get back here!!! M!!! Sorry about that, but please do leave us a note ^_^*


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