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Lapbooking is a fun activity to add to all your homeschooling lessons!
You can make Lapbooks for all your Science,Social Studies, Math, and Language lessons.
We are making them for all of our bible lessons too!
This page is designed to give ideas to those who are looking to add to the subjects you teach.

Michael and I love to learn with lapbooks.
Here are a few of the ones we have done this year.
I will be uploading more as time allows.
Some you can find easily online by doing a search for the subject you are teaching and add lapbooks onto your search.
Many times we just make ideas to go with the themes we are learning each month.
There are tons of links to give you many ideas for every theme you teach or subject!

The world is your text book!

Fruits of the Spirit Lapbook

Jasper's Beanstalk Lapbook

Apples Lapbook

Insects Lapbook

Farm Lapbook

Space Lapbook

Check Back Daily! Always adding more!

♥Starting a new Homeschooling and Lapbooking Blog! If you like what you see we hope you will join us.

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View More Of Our Photo Gallery of Lapbooks We Have Made Here!

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