Because there is no other way!

UPDATE: We have removed all the minor actions, we will now post more serious things here, although you can find everything else in the archives



KU, ZUBR, and other groups in Belarus hold anti-dictatorship, anti-Saddam, and pro-USA rallies, because that country knows very well about dictatorship, they have lived with it since the Soviet Union collapsed.  And to prove that it is one, the police arrived and arrested many people for speaking out against Saddam

There were several protests in Belarus today. The main one was in front of the US embassy in support of America (which is illegal under the current dictatorship of Belarus)

NOTE: These photos are in no particular order (except for distinguishing night and day). And these are of several rallies all mixed in together, but its not hard to figure out which ones go together.

8. Sign reads "Hussein must leave!"
10. guess who shows up
13. sign reads "Bush, are correct!"

The rally doesn't stop at night

17. We are still here
18. and so are they

Go to our NEWS page to see media reports about it

February 21 2003

to the anti-war marchers: If you like Saddam better then Bush, move to Iraq and live under Saddam, KU will pay for the air-ticket


February 1 2003

KU office comes under attack!.......But we fight back!

on Monday an unidentified man walked into our Manhattan office with a bat and smashed the front windows and glass door. Unfortunately KU was not present at the time.  But wait hold on, would we just leave our KU office alone and unprotected? Yep. But guess what, we have cameras all over the place and caught the bastard on tape. BUT....who is he? We called the police and them and KU worked hard to try to identify the criminal, who wore a trench coat and a hat , had a mustache and was bold, obviously this was a Nazi skinhead.   Then suddenly, a KU member remembered this man from a few weeks ago, he threatened us and told us he will be back. This KU member told other members (without telling the police) and we decided on taking matters into our own hands.  We did a little research on who this man is, and found out everything we need to know.

Then our forum modarator contacts us after hearing about our office and tells us that someone had left threats on our forum(we always get threats, but this one seems different) :

Name: Neo Nazi Skinhead
Subject: I shit on KU!
Wed, Jan 29 2003 at 5:02 pm
Haha I shit on KU! I beat up 2 KU members here in New York, and looking for more. I will find you all. Death to Niggers, kikes, Camel fuckers, gooks, Chinks, mudmen, Etc.
White pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sieg Heil

Neo Nazi Skinhead
Subject: KU = dead
Wed, Jan 29 2003 at 8:15 pm
KU is dead, so dead, so so so dead, haha so dead

And this one as well

Well we traced his IP and it all leads up to the man who wrecked our office. 

After snooping around a bit, we knew who he was and where he lives. On Tuesday night, we broke down his door (like he did ours) and freely walked in with bats and other things. Their he was in bed terrified with his wife. He was tied up to the bed in front of his wife (kinky eh?) and waited for the police to arrive after we called them, who (when arrived) were not at all pleased with our actions but did nothing about it. He was arrested of course. But we took a photo album from his desk before we left (which was returned when we scanned the pictures)

Here are some pictures of him and his Nazi friends having a party. Remember his face so when he gets our of jail, you give him a KU massage  he will not soon forget.  If when he gets out of jail, you know his (or his friend's ) whereabouts, please contact us, (you can remain anonymous)
(Note we do not disclose his name for legal reasons)

1. Here he is wearing a Nazi helmet
2. Here he is without it
3. Here are his friends praising Hitler
4. Here he is joined for the picture with his friends
5. Yes that's him and his ugly wife
7. Here we go again
8. Not clear what they are doing here
9. This is clearly at another event, and you can clearly see two men kissing. Don't Nazi's hate homosexuals???

We wish we would of taken pictures of him in bed when we tied him up, it would of been great! But, oh well. :(

More pro-Israel action


January 19 2003

As a lot of people are already well aware, their were mass anti-war rallies in the world.  The biggest was in Washington.  Most of the speakers were MUSLIM. The rest of the people who weren't Muslim were Muslim pets, their dogs, or their bitches.  Muslims won those people with their lies, saying that this war is about oil and nothing else. Also, Muslims fooled these people by saying that by sending "their" kids to war will be disastrous, but if you go to our "Attacking Iraq" page you will see that since the Gulf war the Iraqi army went downhill while everything about ours improved.

Now we see why some "Americans" rallied, lets take a look at the worldwide protests.

France - country brought to its knees by Islam, in the year 2010 it is predicted to have 15 million Muslims because of their high birth rate.      "FRANCE SURRENDERS"

Russia -  Communists and Muslims protested on the streets of Russia of a possible war with Iraq. Islam and communism? Hmmm....What an alliance!
Fact: Russian Muslim population is well over 24 million. Yes folks, that 24 million.

Germany  Read this

Japan - I don't think they want another one of these.

Canada - Who cares what the Canadians have to say.

Pakistan - Do I really have to add a comment on this one?

So their you have it folks, all these poodles of Islam are still in a deep sleep.
After 9/11, a popular quote in America was "they woke up a sleeping giant", well it look like the giant is still asleep.

Anyway, despite the thousands of anti-America protesters in DC, a KU supporting group were brave enough to go and stand up to these bitches of Islam. Here are two pictures, hopefully we will have more pictures later.

1. Look at them, they are cornered left right back and center. Yet these brave patriots came and stood up to what they believe.
2. An old geezer tries to attack them verbally, but they attack back and shut him up.

KU was one of the organizers of a pro Israel rally in Brooklyn NY. Thousands of people of the Russian Jewish community came to protest Islamic terror.


3. Among the speakers was NY governor George Pataki
5. sign reads "Jewish blood is more valuable then Muslim oil"


December 19 2002

This picture we got in the mail, the sender claims this is a poster made by KU supporters in Israel. 
We would be happier if they replaced the word Arab with Muslim.


November 9 2002


Protect the British people!







October 3 2002

Action on campuses and other places by Kafirdom Unity and others

10.Read carefully 
11. Read carefully 

September 13 2002

KU sends 12 Muslims packing!

In our latest action, we have received numerous reports of Muslims that live in the Brooklyn area and that they are in this country illegally.  After a month long of investigations it was proven that the 12 of 15 Muslims we suspected were actually in the US illegally. We immediately called I.N.S.. And when they came, they took the men out of their houses without even giving them time to pack or even put on pants and escorted them in their vans wearing handcuffs. They were spending nearly the whole afternoon in a detention center while the FBI tries to find out who they are of if they may have any suspected ties to terrorism. After it has been determined about who they are and that they are not terrorists, they were boarded on planes and sent home. Some to Pakistan some to Algeria. 

Special thanks to the Kafirdom Unity investigation team:

John Canceleli
Damien Paris
David Mathers
Stephen Wilcox
Larry Andrews
Dimity Sokolov
Vadim Petroff 
Danny Lee
Steven O'Connor 
Lorenzo Lopez
Christian Hanson
Rohit Jaswap
Minji Arjop
Susan Keller
Danny Berg
David Levy
Sean Jason
Don Cohen


September 10 2002

Alison Weir gets bitch slapped. 
She is a neo nazi journalist and denies the holocaust. She condemned President Bush in retaliating for 9/11/01 and supporting Israel.

KU confronted her in Manhattan and attacked the slut. 
 We don't care if your a woman or an 85 year old man, if your a nazi, you get creamed by us.


August 29 2002

Kill towelheads

August 11 2002

F*ck the Klan

July 4 2002
Islamcent -We have nothing to do with this, I swear.
burnbabyburn- this either
June 27 2002

Protest in Turkey
1. Displaying image
2. The image close-up 
We have done something no one else dared to do. There was a Neo-Nazi march in New York last month and KU was not going to permit that. They had about 35 marchers, unexpectedly to them, we showed up and the rest was not pretty. We did not come there to fight, but to stop the march, we had about 50 people, some not even from kafirdom Unity a lot were just concerned citizens who support us. Suddenly the fuckers attacked us, and a big fight broke out.  The police came and arrested who they could catch, 10 of them and 3 of us :)
Anyhow, our KU cameraman was injured badly with a rock but he still managed to take some pictures before the accident. We have these pictures and will probably add them tomorrow. The ones who went to jail were put in the same cell!!!! But they were made to sit on different sides, we took one picture of that too.

1- The fuckers show up noticing us.
2- Here we are.
3- See we can shave our heads and be tough too. 
4 - The fight broke out. 
5- And people got hurt.
6- Their march was over!
7- Arrested, the shitheads sit in the jail smiling (pretending they don't care). 

In other words, even though we got 3 of our guys arrested, we succeeded in what we came their to do. The march was over before it even started.  The media had very little involvement in this, I guess this just wasn't news worthy for them.

June 21-KUCAR