The is of course a common question. We are part of the KAFIRDOM organization that is all around the world. This is the biggest and most affective Nazi-fighting infidel (Kafir) organization in the country and probably the world with about 1000+ (and growing )active members who stand up to Islamic and Nazi terror. We started off with 5 people and spread out when people started discovering the meaning of radical Islamism and understanding that this is harming us.  some people call us a gang but we are nothing more then just concerned citizens of this great country, we are not a gang and don't want to be counted as one.

What ethnicity group do we fall under? Believe us when we say EVERYTHING. We got everyone from Jews to Italians, African Americans to Asians,  to Russian, we have them all. All dedicated to do one thing, and the same purpose.

What people do you target? Muslim fundamentalists-Skinheads-Neo Nazis-KKK, we have been too nice to these critters and now it is time throw them out of our country. We do not hate all Muslims, please take that to consideration.

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Interested in stopping us? Give it your best shot.