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Drako's Playground

Drako's Playground Mascots: Suco

This 5' 5" femboi of a fox was delivered to Drako's Den from a dear friend of the feline.
He sports blue fur all over his body, except for his black headfur, chest, tummy, muzzle, and paws.
Hig floofy tail goes from blue to black, then to white at the tip.
Along his back, his fur is blue, but his butt has black fur covering it in a heart shape.
He has a pink paw print tatoo on his right butt cheek.
His paw pads and the tip of his headfur is also pink.

Apparently our friend felt the Den needed its own Fox to help entertain and to keep the place clean at the same time.
This foxxie took a liking to Drako and Applejack right away, and tends to enjoy making others happy.

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