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Drako's Playground

Drako's Playground Mascots: Ermes

This Toxic Anteater is stubborn, coarse and keen. This is to be expected from somebody with his ugly past.

He was born and grew up in a decent family in a poor city, he lived comfortably until he was about 13 years old, but at that point things changed.

He lost his home when it was destroyed after an act of terrorism and was neglected by everybody. Against all odds he had to survive in a corrupt world. But with his courage and perseverance, he managed to train to perfection and overcome all odds. This has turned him into the man he is today.

Having he never found a significant other, he now works on meeting new, kind people. By doing so, he hopes to find joy and happiness in life and finally find significant other he has never had. This led him to join the fine folks here at Drako's Playground.

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