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Drako's Playground

Drako's Playground Mascots: Adenine

Cold Silent Secretive

"The Ice is cold for a reason, Warm Bodies won't get in the way"

Name || Adenine
Age || 21
DoB || September 24
Gender || Male
Sexuality || Bisexual
Race || Elemental Wolf ( Ice )
Origin || Some Bumfuck Ice Mountain
Occupation || None
Status || Single
Kink || Cryomania

Adenine is what everyone would have and or has called 'cold to the mind and touch'. Born from the very frost bitten ground he was already known as what the locals would deem him the guardian of the ice. Truly in his youth Adenine was much more excited to have such titles and be in such honors but as his years passed him he would grow angry of his sudden loneliness and frustration of his very own title that he once praised. He is only truly known to live up on the remote mountains where most wouldn't go which also added to his slight depression. As his years went on he grew colder and colder till point nothing truly mattered to him. .

He eventually found his way to Drako's Den, and enjoys - or at least tolerates - the company of those who frequent the Den and those who live here.

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