Ancient China
ai            three            Shang          Qin Shi Huangdi          1912             western 



    Write the following points in your book and fill in the missing words from the above word-bank.

Between 2000 BC (the second millennium) and 221 BC __________ different dynasties (or ruling families) ruled
    around the Yellow River basin in Ancient China.

The earliest dynasty w
as the__________ Dynasty.

The next dynasty to control the area were the __________ between 1500 BC and 1050 BC.

Then the Zhou, their ____________ neighbors, rose up against the Shang and attacked them to get control of the land.

in 221 B.C., after forty years of warfare, ____________ the leader of the Qin clan, won control of the area.

The Qin dynasty then created a large Empire and ruled until ______.

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