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Wahiawa Hills

Sunday April 28th 2002

Its a long drive from Wai`anae to Wahiawa so Linda and I again left Wai`anae before 7 am.  I had filled up the gas tank a few days earlier and so we just had to stop for lunch at 7-11.  As we drove down Farrington Highway we discussed the weather for the day.  

Although last night's weather reports said good chance of rain, it did not look that way.  Around 6:30 while lacing up my boots I turned on my Walkie Talkie which has "the government weather station."  Reports this morning were no more than 1/4 inch of rain for O`ahu.  

Wai`anae looked pretty nice, but what's new about that?  As we rounded the south end of the Wai`anae Mountains we got our first look at the Koolaus.  The summit was locked in clouds, but lower down it looked ok.  High clouds covered the island but they did not look like rain.

We arrived at the top of Calf Ave around 7:50, giving us time to get our gear out of the truck and lock up.  We then walked up to the trail head and said our good mornings and followed Mabel into the woods for our instructions  

I have decided to do this report a little different.  On the next page is a map of our hike.  Scattered along the route are a number of  "blue stick pins".  These are "hot links" to other pages and pictures.  If you move your cursor over the pins in a clock-wise direction you will be able to follow Group 2 and see what we saw at that spot on the map.  I only used 12 pictures although I took a lot more.  I'm sure Mr. Bad Coconut will post his pictures soon for us all to enjoy.

According to Stuart Ball's book this is a 5 mile loop.  My GPS which only measures level distance "as the crow flies" only measured 3.55 miles.  The night before the hike I made 5 mile markers on yellow ribbon with a "paint" pen.  I got to hang 1,2, and 3 out on the trail, but marker 4 is placed at the end of the trail by the trail head and is about 1/2 mile off.