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Around 7:30 Lynn Agena, also from Wai`anae arrived.  Then every few minutes another car or truck filled with happy hikers arrived.  By 8 o'clock the parking lot was full and we were ready for instructions.  Mabel's word was, head up Dick Schmidt's trail to Tripler ridge and clear mauka.  Dayle and a few others had already left and would ribbon Dick's trail for us to follow.

A smaller group would go to the end of the road and head up the "End of the Road Trail".

We found out later that Paka would go up the "Power Line Trail" and clear makai to meet the rest of us.

Dick Schmidt's Trail to Tripler Ridge

1-Heavy red line is the dirt valley road

2-Starting point is GPS accurate but until you get to the first small red dot its a guesstamation.