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Godek/Jaskulski Ridge February 24th 2002

(Moanalua Valley)

Ok you know the routine by now.  Up at 6, leave by 7, arrive at 8.  Today Moanalua Valley with friend Linda beside me in my little old truck.  Most everyone there already.  Load pack and belt and listen to Mabel's  plan for the day.

Team 1, Ed and Dayle going straight in the valley road, cross stream 23 times climb to the lowback summit then cross summit to Pu`u `ula`ula (Red Hill) Ridge.  They will begin clearing from this point and work down the
ridge meeting team 2.

Team 2, To many names to remember.  Lets see who I forget.  Mel, Tom, Bill, Gordon, Connie, Brenda and Dick, Jason, Jay, Kenji, Art and sorry for got her name Inez ?, Grant, Georgina (sp), June, Linda, and myself and a few I can't remember, sorry.  We would go up the Basketball trail and head up Pu`u `ula`ula Ridge.  We would not clear until we reached the Pine Trees.  Then try to clear and meet up with Dayle and Ed somewhere mauka of the Godek down trail.

Team 3, Sorry not sure who, Ditsy (sp) and someone else would climb Alani Ridge and meet us mauka.

Team 4, Mabel and Cinnamon Girl would walk up the road  to the bottom of Godak, and begin clearing uphill.