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Kipapa Contour Trail

Sunday March 24th 2002

Access to the Kipapa Trail came thru the U.S. Fish and Wildlife people who asked the HTMC to help clear the last section of the trail to the summit.  There were a few stipulations, 1-only adults over 18,  2-only 4 trucks, 3-in by 8 a.m. out by 3 p.m.  Because of the time restraints we were to meet across the street from COSTCO at 7:30 a.m.  This meant getting up earlier than I usually do.  I was up at 5 and left with Linda at 6.  The usual stop at 7-11 for lunch and coffee.  We arrived by COSTCO around 7:15, good early for a change.

About 7:45 a.m. we loaded into 4 trucks belonging to club members and the 4 wheeler driven by Nancy from U.S.F.& W.  At 8:08 we began walking.  The trail begins as a jeep road and soon turns into a beautiful wide contour trail.


Early on Ena pulls ahead with the vigor of youth.