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New Articles and Updates!

Welcome to the journey of finding Hope in Wellness!

Hope in Wellness is a place to find the inspiration and support of community while on the journey to wellness.

Mara Windstar, the creator of this site holds the intention that by sharing our journey, others who deal with
life challenges, invisible disabilities and illnesses, or emotional turmoil, may be inspired to join together in supporting one another with hope!

An Iris

Throughout this site you will find many purple irises.
This flower has long held the meaning :

Deliverer of Messages...

You can be an Iris by planting the seeds of Hope wherever you go,


None of us is meant to travel alone in life.  It is by reaching out to one another that our growth is enhanced.  A woman that Mara has great respect for, by the name of Marie Rose Derocher, once wrote:

"Since we tread along
The same way let us extend
A hand to one another
To help surmount the
Difficulties that
Present themselves."

It doesn't matter whether you are in need of support or ready to offer support to others, there is a place for you here in finding

Hope in Wellness.

Please take the time to read through this site and then write to Mara either through the e-mail link and/or on the Sign-Up For Hope ! page. 

This site is still in the creation stages, so please check back often. New articles and information will be added daily.

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Touched by Hope In Wellness

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This website will be ongoing in it's content. As those who partake in the community offer their interests and resources, the site will grow.
To start with the main topics presented here will be

Tools for Hope in Wellness
Invisible Disabilities  l   Mental Illness   
Vestibular Disorders   l   Obesity/Eating Disorders
Diabetes   l   Emotional Turmoil

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