HEBDEN and WHITTAM Genealogy pages

”Valley where the rose hips grow”

This site is dedicated to the memory of my father
Thomas Peter Hebden
(1930 – 1995)

If your name is Hebden then you can be sure that, no matter where you were born, your family origins are set in North Yorkshire. It is a truly Yorkshire name and, over the centuries, Hebdens have spread themselves across all points of the globe. Some moved away out of financial necessity, some out of an adventuring spirit but wherever, or whenever, they went they took with them a little bit of Yorkshire in their form of their surname.

Some people will find that over the centuries, due to a combination of phonetic spelling and/or their forebears illiteracy, the spelling of their name may have changed slightly to Hebdon, Hepden, Ebden, Ebdon and in some cases, even Hepton. The likelihood is strong that they will be able to trace a path back to the Yorkshire Dales where their ancestors farmed.

It was through my father’s love of genealogy that I developed my passion for the subject. He believed that genealogy was something to be shared and so, to this end, I have begun to put his wealth of Hebden trees on this site. These have been produced over many years by many Hebdens such as the late William Hebden of Halifax, John Reid Hebden, my father and various other people of Hebden descent, too numerous to mention individually, all over the world.

Click on the link below and see if your tree is on there yet. If it isn’t, keep checking back. Recent updates will be listed below so that you are able to see quickly if anything that you are interested in might have been updated since your last visit.

It has been a while since I have had time to update much on this site but work is in progress to add new and update existing branches and details.

The majority of recent work on my genealogy has been on my Calvert, Holden & Hartley lines so there is quite a bit of updated information on those pages so, if any of those names are of interest to you, scroll down to the "other names" gateway.

There are currently about 25 branches of Hebdens on this site so click below to enter into the world of Hebden

Not all my ancestry is from the White Rose county of Yorkshire. Whilst my paternal line hails from there, my maternal line has provided me with a Lancastrian heritage. Click on the link below and enter the Red Rose county.

For an overview of all the surnames I am researching, click below. This link will take you to a page of links to surnames and towns across the North of England where I have found my forebears. If any of them are yours too, email me.

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