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Welcome to Hathorn Quarter Horse Ranch, home of Clay, Brandie, Justin, Jacie and Jenna Hathorn. The family has been in the horse business for over forty-five years. We breed, train, and show Halter bred American Quarter Horses. Our place is located on Hwy. 69N between Alto and Wells, nestled deep in the beautiful rolling hills and white oak trees of East Texas. 
The ranch is also home to Mr Classic Cool and a small but great band of broodmares, and every year a couple of our mares to outside stallions who are the finest quality stallions  in the industry that provide us with outstanding world class babies. 
While you are here you can browse through our sale page to see if we have your next champion. 
We invite you to check out a little about the history of the ranch and how we got started in the horse industry. And how we are continuing on building a great future. 
You may also want to explore some of the links we have put together of some of our friends and acquaintances to help you find just what you are looking for in the world of horses. 
Hathorn Quarter Horse Ranch 
Route 2, Box 2809 
Alto, TX 75925