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If cats always land on their feet, and toast always lands butter side down, what happens if u strap a piece of toast to the back of a cat?? See previous questions of the week...

Are you bored? Welcome to the warped mind of me. I'm Sarah, welcome to my page. Some of these links are up and running, and some are still getting made. Oh and guys! Pain killers/ hard drugs is tied with religion in my poll! You are twisted!

Man Boobies of the Month

Man Boobies of the Month

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Egotistical Rambling

Unearthly Riot

Interview with a Stranger





Be patient, I'm new with this HTML stuff so if things wont show up on your puter, let me know please.

Signing Off - Sarah

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Inside joke of the week:

Anyone interested in joining the bobbing head club? Ask Gysel....