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Legion of Doom Makes Offer to LeBron James
By Grey Sports

Reports are hot that after ditching the Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat star basketball player LeBron James is being courted for membership in the Legion of Doom.

While many had suspected that his masterstroke of villainy was leaving the team that helped him achieve stardom for a chance at championship, it turns out this may have been an audition.

Even more worrying is that this may be the beginning. Just as moving from the Cavaliers to Heat was about moving closer to championship glory, aligning with the Legion of Doom may be just what LeBron James needs to work on larger projects involving altering energy fields, armies of faceless mooks or even the creation of freakish mutant monstrosities.

Darker rumours have it that he is just using this as yet another springboard, this time into the dark and twisted sports team, the Chicago Cubs.

Surprisingly the offer may have originated from the office of Lex Luthor himself, who cannot be ignorant of these ambitions, perhaps even supporting them.

While all orders and requests pass through that hallowed room of hate Luthor has tried to distance himself from recruiting matters to focus more on executive malevolence.

Some believe it is a deliberate attempt to provoke Aquaman, who has used the N-word on two separate occasions when referring to arch enemy Manta (the first African American to work his way up to Nemisis of a full time member of the Justice League), and once more when slugging it out with Gorilla Grodd. This act has derailed and finally put the Aquaman movie into development hell.

By adding LeBron James it is possible that Luthor is trying to add another easy embarrassment risk to his arsenal.

This should not diminish the threat the basketball star represents to the Justice League. His recent actions have shown a high degree of calculation, careful planning and a willingness to sell out teammates and fans, all threats to superheroes and hallmark traits of the Legion of Doom.

James himself has stated: “Yeah, if I sign on I’ll fight him (Aquaman). But, you know, it’ll all be for the team, nothing personal, I’m not the sort to let taunts ruin my game plan. Besides, I hear he has a drinking problem.”

Making matters worse for the Justice League was Aquaman’s recent statement “That guy, that other guy, he’s just a super smart monkey.”

That statement brought immediate condemnation from the NAACP, parents groups and a vocal portion of super smart monkeys who dislike being compared to a team jumping menace like LeBron James.

Wonder Woman, her hands already full with the Supergirl/Lindsay Lohan relationship rumours tried to clarify the matter, saying that Aquaman thought he was talking about Gorilla Grodd, even though Grodd is, as his name states, a gorilla and not a monkey.

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